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Posted in 2010 from Port-au-Prince, Haiti:

There’s an overwhelming amount of data flowing out from the authorities and NGOs in Haiti. People engaged on this issue should share skills, resources, and make sure nothing important slips unnoticed into the netherzones of cyberspace. Let’s open/crowd-source this up.

When I meet Haitian government, UN, and NGO staff in the field, they tend to be absurdly tight-lipped about their work. They say they don’t want to make a politically incorrect remark, get in trouble with their bosses, or step on someone else’s turf.

On the other hand, there’s a wealth of meeting notes, reports, assessments, and other documents constantly being posted to Oneresponse.info, ReliefWeb and Google Groups where anyone can view them. In almost every document there are nuggets of information that make me say, “Whoa, really?” I highlight those passages, save the documents to my hard drive, and make a mental note. But I can’t follow up on them all.

So here’s the cool part. I’ve collected a bunch of these documents online using a website called crocodoc. When you view the document you can skip to the sections I’ve highlighted using the sidebar. Not only that, you can add your own comments and annotations or upload your own documents – without even registering for an account. A few of my notes on these documents are in italics.

If you have trouble using the embedded webpage below, go here. Use the “Add Document” button to upload new reports. Send me an e-mail or leave a comment below if you want to holler about anything.

9 thoughts on “Haiti Documents Index”

  1. Shelter Cluster notes from Leogane, May 27th.


    ” no course of action is in place to mitigate against this “New emergency”. ”

    ” So far there have been only 496 out of the 98000 Tshelters that are scheduled to be built. “

    1. Thanks Jake, please keep posting.

      (By the way, as of June 8 I haven’t seen any JOTC security reports since June 4, which is weird. Otherwise I’d be adding them.)

  2. http://crocodoc.com/JZt4J

    Map showing gaps in shelter provision, with an interesting note:

    “Tarps and tents that were distributed in the first three months are more likely to have reached the end of their life span and might need to be replaced.”

    total # of households covered in the first three months…276,422

  3. Have you noticed http://haiti.humanitarianresponse.info/

    There’s been a lot of growth there since Cholera and Tomas hit the news.
    Mainly the following clusters:
    Cholera Response (a new cluster)
    Health (Medicine)
    Hurricane Tomas Response (a temporary effort, like the Sep 24 storm response)
    WASH (Water Sanitation Hygiene)

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