My Dog Ate Lotion! Should I Be Worried?

Dogs love to chew on things. Most dogs, if left to their own devices, will try to chew or eat a wide variety of things, and not all of those things are safe. But is it worth calling the vet? Here’s a handful of the most common ways your pup might get in trouble.


Does your dog try to lick you after you put on lotion? If your pet likes the smell of a particular lotion, they might try to get a taste of it, too. Most of the time, lotion isn’t poisonous for dogs, although you should discourage your pet from licking it. However, if your lotion is medicated, it could be dangerous for your dog. Call your vet right away if your pet has ingested a large amount of lotion.

Essential oils

Essential oils smell good, so some dogs might want to taste them. Unfortunately essential oils contain chemicals that may be good for you, but can damage your dog’s liver or cause other serious problems. If your dog has eaten essential oils, act fast — take them to the vet right away.

Household cleaners

Household cleaners contain harsh chemicals that are as dangerous for dogs as they are for humans. If your dog somehow gets into a bottle of Lysol, dish soap, or any other cleaner, rinse out their mouth immediately with a hose and call your vet.


Soap isn’t known for tasting good, but some dogs will try to eat it anyways. The good news is that most soaps aren’t poisonous. If your dog eats soap, don’t panic — just rinse their mouth out thoroughly and check the label to make sure the soap is non-toxic.

My Dog Ate Lotion! Should I Be Worried?


It’s very dangerous for a dog to eat medication. Even over-the-counter medications can be dangerous for your furry friend, since dogs can’t safely consume all the same things humans can. The exception, of course, is if your dog has been prescribed medicine by a vet and you administer it exactly as directed. If your dog has eaten any medication they shouldn’t, call your vet or pet poison helpline immediately.


Chocolate is a well-known dog poison. Unfortunately, dogs seem to love the taste of this sweet treat anyways. If you have a big dog, a little bit of chocolate may not do any long-term harm to them, but for smaller dogs, even small amounts of chocolate can be fatal. Play it safe by calling the vet if your dog has ingested chocolate.

The Takeaway

Many seemingly safe household items are dangerous for dogs to eat, so it’s important to keep toxic substances where your dog can’t get to them. If you think your dog has eaten something harmful for them, get them medical attention right away.