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Relaxing in 2020
in Lifestyle

Relaxing In 2020

Finding ways to relax might be one of the most important ways to cope with 2020. The news seems tailor made to create anxiety and fear, and one of the ways we have to cope with one of the biggest…

Can Pregnant Women Eat Basa Fish
in Food

Can Pregnant Women Eat Basa Fish?

A quite common question that I have been asked is this: “Can pregnant women eat Basa Fish?” The very simple and quick answer is yes, just so long as it is cooked properly. Not only can pregnant women eat Basa…

in Business

Remote Working in 2020

At the very beginning of 2020, the coronavirus outbreak has struck the entire world. Many countries have been forced to declare a state of emergency and introduce strict measures to keep the virus from spreading. The consequences of this rather…

Places in Armenia
in Travel

The Best Places in Armenia for Travelers

Armenia is an ancient country located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. It is a small land known for its rich culture, 3500-year-old history, and amazing mountainous landscapes. Every year, a constantly increasing number of people come to Armenia…