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Are you experienced with an e-Commerce store? If so, then you will definitely know that building the site is just the initial set up. I mean one can never make their potential visitors buy until and unless they have a solid strategy to turn them into buyers. It’s the marketing and promotion strategies that will increase your conversion rates. Apart from this, WooCommerce has changed the face of eCommerce on WordPress sites. The open-source platform acts as a great choice for launching your online business and has been successfully adopted by more than 380,000 online retailers.

WooCommerce Development

Like I said before, creating an online store with the help of a reliable WooCommerce website development company won’t get targeted traffic to your site. In order to maximize conversions, one needs to focus on three things:

  • Ideal layout
  • Text on the page
  • SEO

Ideal Layout – The positioning and the size of the major elements play a crucial role in the improving the conversion rate. According to the recent analysis, placing big images on the product pages can increase conversation of your visitor. However, that doesn’t mean one should add too many images on the page especially if you want to cross-sell products. Stuffing the site with more and more large, centered images will simply distract your potential visitors.

Next is the text page – Most of the WooCommerce developers believe that instead of using highly promotional sales pitch, one should opt for actual information with some hopeful insights. Moreover, do not overwhelm your visitors by providing too pushy text or CTA’s.

Last but certainly not the least, one cannot ignore SEO too. What’s the point in developing a niche looking website especially if the customers cannot find your website on the first page of Google? In order to make people visit your site and buy your products, one should target an appropriate range of keywords, put the title in the first paragraph of the post, Meta descriptions, etc. Make effective use of plugins like WordPress SEO.

Down below I would like to mention a range of best conversion plugins to consider for creating a successful WooCommerce website:

SIP reviews shortcode for WooCommerce

Visitors are more interested in reading what other people have to say about them instead of what you are saying regarding your products. “Many renowned web developers ran an experiment and found that adding reviews to a product can increase conversion by 35.27% for that product.”  They further found that product with reviews had 12.5% higher conversion rate than products without.

In case, if you cannot afford not to have product reviews prominently displayed on their store. With SIP reviews shortcode for WooCommerce, you can insert reviews anywhere with the help of useful shortcodes. Moreover, this helps you in setting product schema so that people will see the product rating directly from Google search results, hence you will soon find more people clicking on your product pages.

Review for discount extension

The plugin being developed by WooCommerce itself acts as a very handy solution for increasing conversion rate. With the help of such extensions, one can make their customers come back for the second, third, fourth times.

After installing and activating the plugin, your customers will be offered interesting discounts in exchange for reviews. Along with encouraging customers to actually check out, this will increase the number of reviews in your website.

The more reviews you have, the more credible your website becomes for your potential customers.

Olark chat

Being always available for your customers is an awesome way to make your visitors like the website more. And this can be easily done by incorporating, a live chat system. Among all, the Woocommerce development plugin is considered as the simplest and the easiest solution.

As the customers are browsing your website, they will be asked if they are facing any problem while shopping process. If they response with any problem, you can provide an instant solution and guide them throughout the process.

Always end up providing instant answers to their quests, chances are high that they will actually buy products from you.


If you want to increase the conversion on your website, most of the WooCommerce developers recommend A/B testing. One should test everything from text, image, CTA, button placement, etc. With the help of the plugin, find out the variations that work best and do some more A/B testing with them. This is the most guaranteed way to increase conversion rates.

Optimizely is the easiest choices to consider. The simple looking tool can optimize the user experience and create the ultimate sales funnel for the potential visitor. For this, you may think of setting up different types of experiments just to find which designs and approaches work best and focus on them.

Social coupon WooCommerce

The unique looking plugin offers instant discounts to visitors for sharing your website through a social network. The word of mouth policy allows you to strengthen your social media presence and boost the conversion rates.

In fact, it may quite interest you to know that the latest version of the plugin allows you to set up multi-step discounts. With this feature incorporated, the customers will get multiple discounts for performing separate social actions.

So this is all for now! Keep watching the space to know more about WooCommerce development.