After leading a monotonous regular life every one of us looks forward to a relaxing weekend. Sometimes it seems to be the only encouragement to continue with the hectic life. We have different recreational options like a making a short trip and chilling out with friends at some pub or bar. And if you live in Dublin then you have a plethora for going with the second option. Dublin the capital of Ireland is a beautiful place having an average temperature in January approximately 40 degrees Fahrenheit and in the summers observes temperature up to 63 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s famous for being a historical place and the Trinity University.

Has a lot of avenues that can provide used for recreational purpose. Here are 4 of the most famous pub in Dublin where you can hang out on the weekends:

First, let’s talk about the O’ DONOGHUE’S


O’ DONOGHUE’S is situated in the historical site of the city and is enriched with a great musical heritage. The modern music played can stretch back to the legends of the early times. The place is so well known that most residents of the place can name the great musician who used to perform there that has carved the path of the contemporary music at present on O’ DONOGHUE’S. It also has a large exhibit of the Irish musicians that is worth watching. A must-visit place for the music lovers.

Secondly, worth mentioning is DOHENY & NESBITT

Doheny & Nesbitt

DOHENY & NESBITT is one of the ancient pubs in Dublin city. Placed in the most visited streets that is, Baggot street situates in midst of famous landmarks. This includes The Dail, Trinity College, and Grafton Street. The construction was done in the year 1840 under ownership William Burke. The heritage that is worthwhile watch is the embossed inscription on the mirror the bar has the name of O’Connor imprinted on it. It replicates the bygone era and has a touch of Victorian time. Great testing lunches that are loved by the tourists makes it a favorite place.

Third recommendable place is CASSIDY’S

Cassidy's Pub - near hotel in Dublin

It’s a great place to stay locate at the end of the O’Connell street and serves great food. It is famous because of it forms one of Georgian terrace of the Dublin on Parnell square.

Last but not the least, is THE BRAZEN HEAD

The Brazen Head pub in Dublin

BRAZEN HEAD is also a pub in Dublin that stretches back to the ancient times. It is just a 5minutes walk from The Guinness Brewery. It holds a great historical value and is a worth visit for it offers Dublin’s best music and lovely food. The music played will lure you the ancient Irish music. One of the major attractions is the storytelling while you have a sumptuous dinner at the place.


The city offers a richness of Irish history and traditional music. You would love knowing the folklore and visiting the legendary places. Various locations in the city have a unique story to say and the people who love music should visit the place at least ones in the lifetime. For enjoying complete just rent a car in Dublin enjoy the ride hassle-freely.