Video: Rains in Haiti Expected to Double this Month. “Don’t Forget Us Because We’re Suffering.”

This is a short video looking at IDP camps in Cite Soleil, Grand Goave, and Chanmas where people still have almost nonexistent shelter. The UN shelter cluster claims they’ve provided shelter materials to 75% of Haiti’s 1.3 million displaced people. Most people I talk to believe that’s an overestimate.

The Cite Soleil camp featured in the video, in particular, I know has received nothing in months. I’ve gone back several times. Last time kids were digging mini-trenches with sticks and rocks to divert the rain. It’s down the street from the Doctors Without Borders clinic.

Red Cross spokesperson Alex Wynter has said the rains are expected to double from March to April and are likely to include continuous downpours for days on end. We haven’t had any of those yet. Last night it rained fairly heavily, but only for about twenty minutes.

Thanks to the New Media Advocacy Project for their video documentation of rained-out camps in March. And to Jerry.

Update: Below, I’m posting three recent reports from Al Jazeera English’s Sebastian Walker, the best TV journalist in Haiti and one of the few still here.

I accidentally uploaded my video to another YouTube account where I usually post hip-hop songs. Oh well.

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