Karl Rove: “You’re an asshole!”

I just ran into Karl Rove. I was stepping onto the curb in front of the Apple Store, about to get my computer fixed up. He was exiting the store, wearing a long black coat. I immediately recognized the tuft of white hair, the large pasty white face, the small sunken eyes behind wireframe glasses. My mind raced and heartbeat jumped. Here’s what went down:

Me: Are you Karl Rove?
Rove: Yes I am.
Me: You’re a jackass!
Rove: You’re an asshole!
Me: You’ve got blood on your hands. You’re going to pay for what you’ve done to this country.
Rove (having walked away, turns back): Is that the best you can come up with? You’re an asshole.
Me: Yeah. You’re a scumbag. You’re a fraud, a manipulator of democracy. What happened to Connell?
Rove: What are you talking about?
Me: You know, Connell. He just died.
Rove: I knew him. He was a friend of mine.
Me: Yeah well he just died, right? What do you know about it?
Rove: Are you accusing me of murder? Who the hell do you think you are?
Me: No, but I wouldn’t put it past you. What do you know about it? What happened to Connell?
Rove: He was a good pilot, you asshole.

His face was red. He turned and walked across the street to his car, yelling something back at me. I yelled back some epithet and entered the store.

I didn’t have my recorder with me, unfortunately. If I had I would have approached him more as a journalist. I didn’t have anything wet or sticky (a pie or bucket of red paint, for example) to throw at him. I thought about throwing my shoes at him as he walked away but decided against it, having just walked by a cop minutes before. We were at the Domain, a new luxury shopping mall in North Austin. The other shoppers around us kept walking on by, seemingly indifferent to entire spectacle. Nobody was recording the incident and I don’t have a camera phone.

If you’re reading this, what do you think? Did I act like a juvenile? Should I have been more clever? (Um, yes.) What would you have done in my situation?

7 thoughts on “Karl Rove: “You’re an asshole!””

  1. Should you have been more clever? Who cares — you were right on target and did great for a spontaneous action. You might have thrown your shoes but shoes are expensive and you might not have gotten them back. Thanks.

  2. I would have said, OMG, that’s Karl Rove and then hid behind a tree or something. You showed a lot of guts–I would have been terrified of secret service or something taking me away in a black van.

  3. Thanks for the feedback, folks… in hindsight I think I could have thrown my shoes and escaped without being caught. Still, no one was recording it so I’m not very sure it was worth the risk.

  4. What you did took a lot of courage, something that Karl Rove knows nothing about. I applaud what you did and take my hat off to you. Was the idea of throwing your shoes at him in reference to what happened to “W” in Iraq? If so, that was perfect. But I digress, back to the guest of this talk, the abominable Karl C. Rove. Rove is an example of trying to disguise a pile of shit by putting a three piece suit around it. All you have is shit, and a suit that is now worthless. The problem with America today is not unemployment, or universal health care or taxes, Karl Rove is what’s wrong with America. He’s that quintessential little scrawny kid who got teased in school and later found a way to get power and use (abuse) it anyway they want. “Their” agenda is not to help the people of the United States; it is to help the rich stay that way, and to stick it to all of us who make them who they are. He’s a despicable, disgusting lifetime member of the baser element society, and like all his other conservative buddies, never served in the military. But had no problem helping so many kids go fight a war that never should have been. Rove never did anything but push his own warped sense of morality and hatred on those who don’t have the power to do anything against him. The Karl Rove’s, The Koch Brothers, the Sheldon Adelson’s, the Grover Norquist’s, and all the rest of them take our votes and make them meaningless. They are a virus, they are a plaque, and they are a cancer that is slowly eating the body of democracy. I’m sure George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, or Abraham Lincoln are spinning in their graves as this is not the America they believe in and fought so hard for. It is disgusting and unbelievable that these pieces of shit can walk the earth with the rest of us. It’s more reason to believe in a god of some sort, one who is just and fair and will be waiting for these rejects to arrive so they can be banished to where they will burn and rot, and suffer for eternity. One can only hope…

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