LA anarchists raided detained, RNC anarchists freed from grand jury

A Los Angeles radical arts space used by anarchists for organizing Food Not Bombs, bookfairs, and cultural resistance was raided by LAPD last Sunday.

They kicked open the door and unlawfully entered in to the private space. Joaquin Cienfuegos, a member of RAC and Copwatch LA Guerrilla chapter, was targeted by the police and pulled out from the space… Joaquin asked why he was being detained and they told him to “Shut up” and “Do as he’s told.” He was handcuffed and searched without his permission.  Full report at the AK Press blog.

Remember when police were executing similar raids on organizers opposed to the Republican National Convention in the summer?  A lot of the charges against those folks are being dropped.  And here’s the word from a group of Texans who were subpoenaed: 

The last couple months have been an emotional roller coaster for us, as we dealt with the uncertainty of our situation and the constant level of stress we all felt.
But today we can declare victory: in the past week, all six of us have had our grand jury subpoenas canceled, without ever saying a word to the Feds!

Hopefully the LA activists arrested last week will be able to celebrate similar victories soon.

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