Election podcast: Green Party VP candidate Rosa Clemente!

I really should get back to studying for an exam, but I wanted to get this interview I did last night with Rosa Clemente, longtime hip-hop journalist and organizer and 2008 Green Party Vice-Presidential candidate, up here at Mediahacker.  When I have some time I’ll split this is up into clips, but in the meantime take a listen below – we discuss differences between the Green candidacy and Nader, hip-hop’s role in the campaign, racism in the corporate and progressive media, and more…

One thought on “Election podcast: Green Party VP candidate Rosa Clemente!

  1. […] “Down and outright oppression of women of color in this country” November 4, 2008 at 12:19 pm | In breaking news, the forg | No matter how you vote today, please listen to Ansel’s interview with Green Party VP candidate and hip-hop activist Rosa Clemente over at Media Hacker:  http://www.mediahacker.org/2008/11/podcast-rosa-clemente […]

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