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The Best Books To Read About Teaching

Teaching is a universally respectable profession. No matter how much technology changes there are certain aspects that cannot be altered and that include the most honored profession i.e. teaching. Teachers are the one that instills the abilities and skill set…

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Top 5 Loveable Places For Honeymoon

Two people tie their knots with each other in marriage, hoping for their new start of lives with each other with a burst of happiness and joy forever. That’s how the concept of the honeymoon was introduced on which the…

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What’s The Matter With US Transit?

Transportation has always been the weak point in US infrastructure. We are world leaders in industry, medicine, energy production, and space exploration. But in terms of transportation, we are far behind the curve set by Europe and the Pacific Rim….

How Overcrowding In Prisons Is Being Addressed
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How Overcrowding In Prisons Is Being Addressed

Those in corrections and criminal justice understand how prison populations interact, and thus are acutely aware of the dangers from overcrowding. As inmate population increases, law enforcement agencies and academic experts are working toward solutions designed to combat it. Overcrowding is a…

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5 Ways Technology Has Extended Your Lifespan

In the big scheme of things, technology in general has extended all of our lives.  MRI machines, ABS brakes, and even electronically-timed traffic lights are a few well-known examples of things that can and do extend most, if not all,…

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How To Properly Conduct An Investigative Interview

An investigative interview is probably the most stressful interview you can go through – asking the right questions to find out the truth is just a relatively small portion of the whole job. There are many things to consider, and…

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Impress Your Mother-In-Law In 5 Superb Ways

After marriage, you need to look after two families one old (your family) and the other new (your husband’s family). The more challenging it is for a girl as she leaves her house and tries to cope up with new…