How To Submit A Scholarship Winning Essay

Admissions essays can feel daunting. Can you really write an excellent essay and catch the university admissions team’s attention? You really can. Here’re 10 top tips to get you started.

  1. Find all the best resources available to you: There’re lots of resources out there that can help you get this essay written. Try these resources that will help you write the perfect admissions essay to get started finding the right ones for you.
  2. Know the question inside and out: Do you really understand the essay question? Read it and examine it from every angle, so you know where you’re going with it.
  3. Brainstorm: Before you write anything, sit and write a brainstorm of anything that could be used in your essay.
  4. Create a plan: Now you have your brainstorm, write a plan of your essay. It gives you a map, so you know where you should be going next when you’re writing.
  5. Proofread!: Every essay MUST be proofread before you submit it. If you don’t, you risk making your essay look weak as it can be full of mistakes. If you need help, check out this list of services from best essay writing services. It’s full of people who can proofread, edit, write, and tutor you in your essay.
  6. Be yourself: As you write, it’s tempting to exaggerate your achievements or paint yourself as someone you’re not. You’re interesting just the way you are.
  7. Avoid cliché: You may want to write about being ‘driven’, or being a ‘team player’. The admissions team have heard it before. Instead be authentic and outline the skills only you have.
  8. What’s your edge?: The university needs to know what you can bring to their establishment. Are you an international student? Were you a keen sports player at school? Part of an orchestra? Think about what you edge is, and emphasize it in your writing.
  9. Make sure you answer the question: You can get so carried away writing your essay that you may totally forget about the question. Refer back to it often, and make sure that everything you write is relevant to what the university is asking of you.
  10. Be careful with vocabulary: Show you’re ready for college with college level vocabulary. You can look up guides if you need some help with this.

Now you have the tips to hand, get out there and write the best essay you can!