Construction is without doubt one of the most dangerous industries there is, and anyone that works within this risky field should be very aware of the dangers involved. Using power tools, often above ground level, and dealing with the elements, all mean an unprecedented level of danger. If you are thinking of getting into the building business, here is a checklist for safety.

  • Working with Heights – Almost all of the tradespeople who work in the construction industry must, at some time or other, perform their duties above ground level. In this instance, a full body harness combined with a lifeline and a lanyard will ensure personal safety, and if you are looking for safety products, Saferight offers the best quality full body harness and with a range of other accessories, it is a great place to purchase safety items for work.
  • The Right Protective Wear – Your clothing and accessories need to be suitable for the work you are doing, and this is something that every main contractor will insist upon. The days of cowboy outfits working with little or no protection are firmly over, and every employee has been educated about safety issues at the workplace. Fortunately, there are online solutions, with suppliers that stock just about everything you could possibly need.
  • Maintain your Tools – Any tool requires regular maintenance, especially power equipment, and with the right training, you will be able to keep all your tools clean and ready for action at any time. Blades need to be kept sharp and replaced if there are any abnormalities, and power cables should be regularly examined for cuts and general wear and tear. A majority of work related accidents are caused by equipment malfunction, so it makes sense to keep your tools and equipment in good working order.
  • Safe Working Practices – These should be taught when a person is an apprentice and with the right practices ingrained into your routine, the risk of accidental injury is almost halved. Using power tools in a wet environment is just one of the dangers and although it is sometimes tempting to take a short cut, safety should always be your main concern, whatever the situation.
  • Stay Informed – By keeping abreast with the latest technology, you will always be aware of new technology and that could mean a safer working environment. The Internet is a great source of information, and by sourcing the right website, you can easily find out about new, innovative designs that will improve safety conditions at work.

Like any other industry, construction has its risks and dangers, which makes it very important to take every precaution. Working above ground level is particularly risky, and online solutions enable companies to buy the right safety equipment at much lower than retail prices, and with rapid delivery and excellent after service, it has never been easier to stay safe on site.