To fully appreciate life and live up to our potential, all of us need to feel secure in our surroundings. This is especially important when it comes to our homes, since this is where we spend the majority of time with friends and family. Where years ago a traditional deadbolt lock or even a gun were the best security measures available, today’s technology has taken home security to a new level. To find out how you can boost security in and around your home, here are five gadgets to consider.


5 Gadgets You Need To Boost Home Security

Modern security cameras can be turned on from anywhere in the world and provide a live feed from your home to mobile device. Able to focus on preset activity areas, it can send alerts to your smartphone if suspicious activity is detected in front of the lens.

Smart Locks

Rather than having to give out spare keys that may fall into the wrong hands, smart locks now make homes much safer. Controlled from mobile devices, smart locks can let you see if your door is locked or unlocked, and can also open your house for delivery people or guests arriving for a party.

Video Doorbells

5 Gadgets You Need To Boost Home Security

Instead of wondering who’s at the door when you hear the doorbell ring, use video doorbells to give you an added sense of security. Along with being able to use these while at home, you can also get notifications on your smartphone and have a live two-way conversation. In addition, these devices also come with 180-degree night vision technology, providing even more security.

Digital Peephole

With an ordinary peephole, all you can do is look through it to see who’s outside. However, a digital peephole is actually a camera that’s mounted to the door’s peephole. If someone knocks on your door, the digital peephole takes a picture and sends it to your smartphone, enabling you to have added security before opening the door.

Touchscreen Deadbolts

5 Gadgets You Need To Boost Home Security

As locks become more advanced, touchscreen deadbolts have gained in popularity. Offering fingerprint-resistant touchscreens to prevent criminals from detecting your code numbers by the smudges, they provide 30 different programmable codes that can be deleted immediately after use.

By utilizing the latest home security technology, it’s now possible to have greater peace of mind. Whether using a smart lock or a digital peephole, security in the 21st-century is proving to be more innovative and easier to use than anyone could ever have imagined.