If you’re hosting a party or special event, you’re likely going to have to juggle several things at one time, so planning is essential. Of course, there are some things that are always important, such as making sure your guests are engaged and having a good time; however, a party can vary significantly depending on the type of event you have planned. Clearly, a child’s birthday party will be much less formal than a black tie affair; so, some rules of etiquette can be relaxed a bit.

Planning Your Event

Think carefully about where to hold your party. If your party will extend into the evening, it’s important to make sure your guests will be comfortable. This includes choosing a time of year when the weather will be comfortable, even in the evening. Additionally, when the sun goes down, mosquitos are often a problem. You can hire a company to provide special event mosquito treatment to help keep these pests under control.

What to Serve

Another important factor that can help you create the perfect event is a great menu. Whether you’re serving a sit down dinner or you plan on having a buffet where guests can help themselves, don’t make the mistake of not having options for those guests with special dietary needs. For example, today, many people follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, others have food allergies, such as shellfish, or they might need to avoid gluten. While this might all seem a bit confusing, it’s really not hard to offer delicious foods that will meet these dietary needs.


Of course, many parties have a band, but you’ll have plenty of other options when it comes to entertainment. Keep in mind that the entertainment can often make or break your party’s success; and, your special event is not the time to make a political statement. Politics should be set aside during your party. Make sure that the entertainment you choose fits well with the guests you have invited.

Seating Arrangements

Seating will generally depend on the type of event you have planned. Formal events often have place cards with assigned seating for the guests, while many events have a more casual feel and guests can sit wherever they want. If you plan on an assigned seating arrangement, it’s important to think carefully about who you seat together. Whether you have assigned seating or guests will be free to choose where they want to sit, make sure you have adequate tables and chairs to meet the needs of your guest list.

Special Guests

Never make the mistake of overlooking the special needs of your guests. You can’t assume that everyone has the same physical abilities. Making sure that your guests have the accommodations they need can help ensure they enjoy the event as much as other guests.