Teaching is a universally respectable profession. No matter how much technology changes there are certain aspects that cannot be altered and that include the most honored profession i.e. teaching. Teachers are the one that instills the abilities and skill set in the individual that is essential to his success. With the increasing globalization and the change in the conventional structure of teaching an enormous number of people are motivated to adopt this profession. To help enhance the skill and improve classroom practices, a growing number of teachers are engaging in teachers’ workshop and virtual-coaching services. The teachers are also consulting online essay help services to gain insights on what are the deficiencies in the current system and how to enhance the writing ability and skills of the students. There are also books written by well-known and recognized teachers to help the neophyte teachers in their career progression.

The Best Books To Read About Teaching

  1. The Hidden Lives of Learners” by Graham Nuthall

The book presents three worlds that exist in the classroom. The first world is the public worlds that are managed by the teachers and include visible lesson activities and routine. The second world demonstrated the student’s social role in the classroom and the third world is the student mind and private world where actually nurturing happens. The book reveals many interesting findings of a classroom where these three worlds collide.

The Best Books To Read About Teaching

  1. Seven Myths About Education” by Daisy Christodoulou

It is a book very beautifully written where he is challenging various convictions in education. To study those beliefs those are holding back pupils and teachers. There are various arguments that have been raised in the book that gears up the brains string. Every teacher must be acquainted with the arguments raised to equip with the knowledge of the aspects that could hinder to fill the children with knowledge

The Best Books To Read About Teaching

  1. Why Knowledge Matters” by ED Hirsch

The book helps teachers to gain insights into developing cultural literacy while teaching children how to reach we should also develop their understanding of what to read to. It urges teachers to show a greater focus on what we are teaching instead of how we are teaching.

The Best Books To Read About Teaching

  1. Teacher Man” by Frank McCourt

The “Teacher Man” is a real story about teaching that reflects Frank McCourt teaching experience. It demonstrates the humor and pure heart relationship between the teacher and the student. It is a book that feels like a friend. Teachers must read it to understand the relationship and to adopt some points while forming them with their students.

The Best Books To Read About Teaching

  1. Troublemakers” by Carla Shalaby

One of the most recommended books among the teacher is “Troublemakers”.  The author has brilliantly explained the rooted idea of freedom in public schools. After reading the book, teacher ponders over the question whether our schools are set up to support the right to freedom for all of our students or not.

The Best Books To Read About Teaching

  1. Emile, or On Education” by Jean-Jacques Rousseau

This book initiates a belief that students should not be judged for good or ill. Jean Jacques is a powerful influence in the education world and through this book; he has fostered a concept that every child has all the right to know the taste of happiness. The education practitioner must read it to eliminate the practice of penalties for failure. It encourages the teacher to change the practice for better. He argues that we expect too much in terms of capabilities and skills, without focusing enough on the knowledge required to develop them.

Good teachers are like the artist they have their own unique individual style. Education research through these books is assisting the growing teachers to drive up the education standard effectively.

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