10 Academic Nightmares Of A College Student

Ever drifted off to sleep just to wake up with the unpleasant feeling. Worse is the case when the students become the target of insomnia and that too as a result of the idiotic choices which they have made. The common perception for students staying up late at night is their indulgence in parties, late night friend’s hangout and more, however, this does not represent the true picture. In order to nurture you on the other side of the coin, let’s have a look at the following nightmarish dreams which keeps students awake at night:

  1. Procrastination

The worst enemy of the students in college is procrastination. It impacts not only the grades and the marks but also the health of the students, eating away a major chunk of their time. Procrastination is the amalgamation of the issues related to the student’s motivation, confidence, and comprehension. The result of this is that students procrastinate everything until the last minute which eventually has a negative impact on their performance.

  1. Burdensome academic task

One English assignment, two economic research report, and three maths quizzes all in a one-day time, burdensome right? College life is very tedious where students have to constantly struggle for the achievement of the high grades. In order to mark done on every assigned work, students compromise on their sleep.

  1. Strange sleeping schedule

Since the college life is usually the beginning of the new adventures, the excitement level is at its peak. The trill, anxiety, and excitement keep the students awake which make them follow a complete different sleeping pattern. The strange pattern could also be because they have always been the night owl.

  1. The stress of missing out on registration

Imagine missing the deadline towards the registration of the next semester course, horrifying right? Same horrifying feeling impacts the students sleep as they craft out a plan in order to overcome this and similar problems.

  1. Assignment deadlines

Assignment deadline is the major reason which makes students freak out, due to which they tend to stay awake during the long night hours and become a target of insomnia

  1. Thinking about the future prospects

Some students spend their time not only partying around but considering the potential future prospect where they could build their future on. These thoughts are primary as the next stage is related to their professional studies; therefore, having a clear-cut idea on it is essential.

  1. Group work and sudden shocks

Group work may seem easy until you get to know that you are a leader. Being a leader of the group means, you are the ultimate hero who has to get all the extra work done alone. This can be a hectic task and may lead to compromise on ones sleeping hours.

  1. Being a social butterfly

The social butterfly in every student takes birth when one-steps into the college boundaries. Being the social butterfly can be tough which makes the student juggle between the social activities and the academic work. In this case, the academics are usually left to be completed late at night which is dreaded by every student.

  1. For completing the documentary

Remember you had to watch a documentary on a subject in your history class and the class got over before the movie could, well that movie automatically becomes one’s homework. This homework then converts to the assignment which the students have to submit in the next class, requiring them to first complete the documentary and then write a report on it which consumes most of their time and usually results in sleep deprivation.

  1. Last minute assignment

Last minute assignments are the nastiest, especially when you get to know that these are to be submitted the very next day. In addition, worst when you receive the message late. The research, outline, framework, and references take up student’s major time which leads to the sacrifice of their sleep.

Wrapping it up

These are the major college life nightmares due to which students are usually the victim of insomnia. In order to mitigate this problem, students seek services of the online assignment maker, which provides the guidelines and assist them in taking a proper level of sleep, essential for their proper academic functioning.