Subject Requirements For Key Stage 2 Jobs London

Key stage 2 jobs London hold teachers to great responsibilities. The third to sixth year of formal education in the UK have students aged between 7-11 years old. During these years, they are to master their education in the areas of English and learn advanced subjects on maths, sciences, design technology, and other academics. Religion is also taught during the KS2 level although parents can choose to opt their children out of the entire lesson or just parts.

Here are the complete subjects taught by KS2 teachers in London.


Teachers aspiring for key stage 2 jobs London will have students learn more about narrative deduction, using dictionaries, reading non-fiction, understanding writing arguments, story-writing, advanced grammar structures, and vocabulary.


Key stage 2 jobs London will have teachers cover the entire mathematical spectrum aside from basic addition and subtraction. These include division, multiplication, fractions, percentages, number patterns, number systems, problem solving, shapes including angles and grids, and basic statistics.


Teachers at this stage will incorporate basic biology, material science, and physics into their lessons. These include learning about health sciences, basic botany (care of plants), and food chains. Material sciences include changing states of matter, temperature and others. Physics include the study of basic electricity and gravity.

Design Technology

In line with the new national curriculum, KS2 students are to learn the preliminary concepts of design technology. Teachers will teach the design, development, application, implementation, and management tech concepts for students to learn more about applied technologies.


Advanced history will be taught to KS2 students covering the entirety of the UK’s history from early civilization to modern culture including basic politics, constitution, and economics.


Geography lessons for KS2 students include understanding rock and land formations, water formations, and basic geographical and seismological concepts and principles.

Art and Design

This KS2 subject will focus on advanced crafting methods that will enhance the student’s creativity and self-expression. These include paper, cardboard, and semi-industrial materials (such as wood).


Basic music theory concepts will be learned by KS2 students in this subject. These include music history, fundamentals, and basic instruction on learning an instrument of the student’s choice.

Physical Education (PE)

KS2 students will learn about physical wellness, sports, and exercises through this subject. Teachers for PE will concentrate on team sports to introduce principles of camaraderie, teamwork, and victories.


Specialist KS2 teachers will teach basic coding principles and software development to students. These include teaching basic logic gates, coding conventions, and creating their first software program.

Foreign Languages

Both ancient and foreign languages will be taught in this elective. Teachers may cover single or multiple languages of their specialty. The lessons will cover the basic principle of the particular language for each year level.


Key stage 2 is a crucial part of any students’ lives. It gives them advanced principles in mathematics, sciences, and language while expanding their educational horizons with creativity introduced by art, music, and design subjects. Hard skills including computing and logic analysis are also introduced at this year level, making it imperative that any KS2 teacher is competent enough to guide students to help them gain knowledge in these areas.