Being a writer, I can tell you that this, not a skill that I just developed over the night. It took me years to learn and understand the art of crafting the word by word just like any jeweler craft the diamonds in the necklace. From the start of the schooling till the day when I got my degree, I prepare myself to be the writer who can write long and beautiful.

Being a writer, I always find people asking me for the tips and the methods through which they can also write like a professional writer or even find the motivation to write. Such types of questions make me laugh because the answers of these questions are very detailed and it is nearly impossible to answer them in one sitting. However, when I start getting these questions frequently, then I decided to try to do the nearly impossible and start searching for writing this article.

In the next line of this article, I am going to tell you those five points which will not going to make you an expert writer, but it will help you in improving your writing skills in just one day.

Stay Focused while writing:

Stop checking your Facebook again and again while writing something. A lot is going on between you and the WordPad instead of the Facebook. Try to stay away from all the things that can distract you from writing. It is better to write in the environment where no one can disturb you. Keep away from your smartphone because this device is the main reason why we cannot focus on one thing. You have to be focused on your topic of your writing if you want your mind to take out brilliant words and sentence structuring. Scientifically speaking, the human brain takes 17 minutes on refocusing on something. If you keep yourself distracted from writing, then it will increase the time of finishing any task, and it will cause you in losing motivation.

How I Improved My Writing Skills In One Day

Learn the wide range of vocabulary but don’t overuse it:

It is always good to keep all the armory in your hut, but it is better not to use it. That is why as a writer I would recommend you all to learn vocabulary as much as you can but do not overuse it in your writing. There is a very thin line between using intelligently selected words and shooting the words on the paper. Your focus should only be on the readability and understand ability of the content instead of using the fancy words which not only make your writing complex but also will make it tough to understand for the reader.

Write as you want:

One of the mistakes that many new writers do at the start of their writing career is that they start impersonating others in their writing. They start copying the style, tune and selection of words of their favorite writers. This could help you in writing better than you can without copying someone, but it will also create some negative impact too. A writer who doesn’t have his own style of writing is not deserving to be called as a writer. You have to build your own style or just write as you want. But copying someone else’s style cause you the time to adopt the style of someone else and then building your own. You cannot continue both of these things. You either have to stick with the copied one or have to work hard in developing yours. If you have already adapted someone else and now thinking about developing your own then in this process of transformation, there will be a point in which you will be lost entirely. All you have to do is to keep moving towards your goal and keep your hard work on till you doesn’t get the point where you can claim your own style of writing.

How I Improved My Writing Skills In One Day

Always take the second opinion:

If you are reading this article, then it means that you are not even on the first step of becoming the writer. Because those who are on it knows that there is nothing that can help them in improving their writing skills in just one day. That is why it is important for you to involve multiple brains in your writing. Always before publishing your content, do take the second opinion about your writing. This will help you in removing all the possible flaws from your writing which can be grammatical or about the sentence structuring. You are the writer you can understand what you are writing, but it is important that the lay man should also understand your words. By reviewing your content from someone else, you can analyze either that person finding hard to understand your writing or not.


These tips can help you in making yourself an expert in the coursework assistance company. But if you want to be a professional writer who can write books, blogs and can provide academic writing services, you have to work for it for years because writing is not a skill which you can learn overnight.