Bay of Plenty is one of the eligible tourist destinations in the North Island of New Zealand. It’s about two hours from the Auckland Airport reached by bus or car. Bay of Plenty is home to tons of excitements for tourists. Whether you’re a backpacker or in a family vacation, Bay of Plenty is the best travel destination for your next holiday.


If you’re not on a tour, it’s very important to rent a car for a more flexible mobility to reach different areas in the Bay of Plenty for sure. You can reach Bay of Plenty shores in an easy way, just turn your GPS. Otherwise, you can take the bus heading to the shores. Renting a car is a common choice of most tourist who wants to explore the larger area of Bay of Plenty so you can easily get your own rental car there. In fact, if you’re in a family vacation, renting a car is a good start.


There are many tourist destinations in the Bay of Plenty Area especially in Tauranga and Mount Maunganui. Some highlighted destinations include the Elms Mission House and Gardens, The Te Puna Quarry Park, and so forth. Bay of Plenty provides you with a taste of New Zealand with representative tourist destinations across the area.

What to Do

Tourist activities in the Bay of Plenty are just abundant ranging from beach activities, sightseeing tours, cruising, city tours, adventures, hiking, and many more. The kayaking experience in McClaren Falls, Tauranga is the best in the world. Take a comprehensive sightseeing tour across the Bay of Plenty which allows you to visit historical buildings, beautiful landscapes, culinary, and many more. Water sports are widely available on the coast of the Bay of Plenty.
You may spend more days in the Bay of Plenty for more adventures. In Mount Maunganui, you can even join an even extreme volcano tour with a helicopter. It literally allows you to enjoy the stunning view for above or even land in the active volcano. The cruising also shares a similar experience from a different angle.


Bay of Plenty has a wide range of accommodation for a backpacker to luxury vacationers. There are rented houses, lodges, and five-star hotels along the coast. The waterfront accommodations are quite common in the Bay of Plenty area so it’s good if you can get one and enjoy the leisure time there.