Myanmar has been recently an eligible tourist destination but it’s still less popular than other South East Asian countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, or Indonesia. That’s why you may hardly find guides to visit this exotic country. If you want an authentic yet new experience for your next holiday, you need to consider Myanmar for sure. If you hardly find such information about travel Myanmar, this article could be your basic guidance.

How to Ge There

Typically, you’ll land Yangon Airport in the capital city of Myanmar, Yangon. It accurately expresses the actual tropical-modern-commercial city. Yangon itself is enjoyable due to beautiful landscapes and historical touches across the city. It seems that you don’t need to take any domestic flights to any tourist destinations in Myanmar since they’re commonly reachable by land transports.


If you decide to hang around the capital city, there are some transport modes you can take especially buses and taxi. However, transport in Yangon could be the tricky point for tourists. Most bus stations aren’t reachable on foot, you need to take a taxi to reach them outside the town. Booking bus tickets in advance is suggested to secure your seat.

What to Do and Attractions

The main attractions of Myanmar include culture, architecture, cities, and spiritual journey as well as slight natural attractions. You can easily find the huge influence of Buddhist spirituality across the country manifested in a high number of temples and monasteries. The architecture of the buildings is undoubtedly enjoyable and picturable.
Major tourist destinations are Bagan, Ngapali Beach, Mandalay, Nay Yo Taw, and Mrauk U. Bagan is where you can deeply explore many archaeological sites while Mrauk U is the western side of Myanmar. Enjoy the beach and its activities in the stunning Ngapali Beach for sure.


Most accommodations in Myanmar is affordable and the meals are cheap. The affordable price is also applied to any tourist destination entrance. Hotels and lodges are widely available especially near the tourist sports and they’re just affordable. However, if you want to stay in Ngapali Beach, you may have to spend money on the fairer prices. Booking in advance is highly advisable to secure your slots in the high seasons, typically in January-February.

Travel Agents

Since it’s less popular travel destination, you can take the services of travel agent which will take care of your travel Myanmar including accommodations and transportation. This way, you can enjoy your vacations in Myanmar with no worries.