Traveling Solo: Hitting The Road Can Help You Be More Independent

The world is your oyster – how many times have we heard this quote? Probably numerous. But have we ever stopped to think about its real meaning? Probably not. The oyster is actually a metaphor for life, and what Mister Shakespeare meant by this is, in essence, that we all need to get out of our comfort zone in order to experience life. Contemporary translation for that would be Risk it to get a biscuit. The question is, how does one actually get the biscuit? While there’s no ultimate recipe for happiness, there are things in life that are worth our while. One of them is embarking on a solo road trip. Traveling on your own is probably one of the more courageous ways to pry open the figurative oyster in search for, once again, a figurative pearl. Here are some of the ways in which hitting the road alone can help you search for yourself and the pearl (or the biscuit) while diving into your consciousness. 

It helps you let go of your fears

Traveling alone involves getting out of your comfort zone and facing your fears. What are you scared of? Think about it. The sad truth is: many people spend their lives not really knowing who they are. In order to become more aware of yourself and the world you live in, you must agree to a certain amount of risk in life. And no, we’re not talking about climbing sans safety gear or skydiving without a parachute. We do need some kind of parachute in our lives, but there comes a time when we simply need to let go of our fears and start traveling. Do something you never thought you could do because you didn’t consider yourself brave enough and watch your confidence grow.

It allows you to take the wheel – literally

Before you begin your journey, you must think about the car you’re going to use. If you don’t much care about the looks and are on a tight budget, you can buy a second-hand car. That way, you’ll have more money left over for the rest of the trip. After all, you’re probably excited more about the actual trip than the means that will get you on the road. However, there are some things you need to pay attention to if you want to have a successful and safe road trip. First is definitely comprehensive insurance that will keep you safe in unpredictable situations on the road. This is something you should always have, and if you don’t, think about this safety precaution because you need to be safe all the time, not just during your travel. After that, think about checking your car right before you start your trip just to make sure you’re good to go.

It lets you explore 

While embarking on a trip alone can seem downright daunting at first, things start to fall into place as you get used to the idea of being on your own. There are no constraints about time or someone else’s wishes when you travel alone. Let this newfound freedom be your guide to what you’re going to do with your time on the road. Consider learning about a new culture and its customs, trying some new food you’ve never seen before or trying to use that language you’ve been practicing but never had the chance to use. Enjoy the process of breaking your routine and explore without limits – take the plunge! This will allow you to feel the freedom that you needed and help you with finding your peace.

It allows for some alone time and extensive contemplation

This journey should be more about getting to know yourself better and thinking about your goals in life than really focusing on the traveling itself. What’s so great about traveling alone is that you’ve got all the time in the world to contemplate what you want from life. Paint a picture in your mind and make it clear. You know the saying: happiness is not a destination – it’s a journey. Well, whoever said that must have been a wise person – it is very true, actually. The best way to achieve it is by choosing the best destination that will allow you to relax and focus on yourself. There are many inspirational destinations and a travel magazine could be the best source to find them. Don’t let this journey just be traveling for traveling shake – it can be so much more if you are ready to let yourself wander into the hidden halls of your conscience, walk through the labyrinth of your mind and do some self-exploration while you’re at it. 

Traveling alone through new regions can be seen as a metaphor for traveling alone through life – deciding where to travel can translate into deciding what to do with the precious gift of life. Embarking on a trip alone is very beneficial (as evident from the list above) and represents something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. We’re born into this world alone, so we might as well learn how to be more independent and comfortable with ourselves and enjoy the ride while it lasts.