Benefits Of Traveling By YourselfWhen it comes to traveling, we all have our preferences. Some prefer one part of the world to another; some need a bit more luxury and comfort while others are fine with the bare bones. Many people enjoy traveling alone, while others would never dream of taking a trip solo. I have always enjoyed time by myself, and as such, never have had a problem with traveling alone. Most of my trips have been of the solo variety, and I believe these experiences have helped shape my life in countless positive ways. If you have yet to travel by yourself, and are thinking of taking the plunge, just do it. I promise you will survive. To further persuade you, here are some of the benefits I have reaped from my solo adventures around the globe.

Finding out What You are Truly Capable Of

Most people do not give themselves nearly enough credit when it comes to our personal capabilities. We are quick to put ourselves down and say how we ‘’could never do such and such.’’ I have heard so many people tell me that they could never travel by themselves because they do not think they could handle various elements on their own. But, I would venture to say most of them are wrong. When push comes to shove, and you have no other choice but to do something yourself because there is no one else there to do it for you, you will truly see how much you can handle. We can do so much in this life, and if we put ourselves in situations where we will be called upon to do more, we see a whole new world of possibilities; we realize we can achieve so much more than we think we are capable of.

Gaining Clarity about Your Life

In the routine of daily living, it is all too easy to get caught up in the monotony of it all; the true us and our true desires get buried under myriad responsibilities. Before we know it, we find ourselves deep into a life we are not sure we want, or have ever wanted. Getting away from it all can help you become unstuck; the real you can re-emerge; being removed from your normal life will help you clear your head and really think about things, rather than just reacting to life around you. You will not feel constrained by anyone else. You will get that precious time alone that we all desperately need to really get to know ourselves and what we want out of life. If you are currently unhappy with some aspect of your life, you can come back with a renewed sense of enthusiasm for change; you can shift gears and start making positive changes. My greatest insights about my life direction all came when I was traveling alone.

Becoming More Independent

I recently started traveling more with my fiancé and there was a two week stretch where I was at a retreat in the Amazon and he spent two weeks in Peru alone. I typically take the reins when it comes to anything travel related, from booking the tickets to finding the apartments to rent. He had a tough time without me, but he said that the experience helped him become more independent and confident as a traveler. My experience traveling alone has been the same. You will see you can do things by yourself and you will take that new found confidence home with you.

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