+Dr. Mercola describes some of the uses for essential oils that go far beyond just smelling appealing. Essential oils do contain compounds that can provide some benefits without some of the chemicals found in other chemical health products. Not all essential oils are equal, though.

Choose an essential oil in its purest form, not a less expensive product that has synthetic ingredients and possibly allergic and toxic effects. At their best, they are beneficial. At their worst, they can cause harm. So only use essential oils that are pure, natural and safe. Choose an oil that is 100 percent pure. You can begin using them around the house to perform a myriad of benefits for your environment.

Mental Changes Enhanced by Essential Oils

Essential oils are not just a pleasant scent. The essential oil gets into your bloodstream by way of your lungs or through being absorbed through your skin. Once absorbed, the oil can begin to do its work improving your emotions. The scent also affects your brain through the limbic system, and can trigger emotions, according to a Japanese study (Jpn J Pharmacol November 2002;90(3):247-53). If you tend to be nervous or have a problem concentrating, using essential oils such as lavender can calm you, help you sleep, and work against anxious feelings. You can create a pleasant ambiance around your house or office using essential oils that improve the climate and uplifts the spirits, too.

Physical Changes Enhanced by Essential Oils

Some essential oils also have purifying properties that are helpful in the physical body. Many essential oils do not create allergy problems, and let you avoid using chemical health products.

Some routine uses for oils’ benefits include:

  • Lavender calms and soothes the mind, skin and aids sleep.
  • Peppermint, sage, and cinnamon enhance memory and focus.
  • Pine, Bergamot, and ylang-ylang reduce stress.
  • Lavender, chamomile, eucalyptus, juniper and clary sage help individuals with head tension.
  • Mint, ginger, chamomile and dill ease stomach discomfort and gas.

Using Essential Oils

Essential oils can be used with a carrier oil such as sunflower oil to treat the skin. A few drops can be added to a spray bottle of water and sprayed to purify or invigorate the room. Use a few drops in bath water to soothe and relax. There are a plethora of possibilities to enhance your lifestyle by using essential oils.