You already know that sport is good for your healthy life. Whatever you do and wherever you go, you can find some time to do exercises. If you like surfing or hiking, you should go to the neighbor state, country, or somewhere out of the city. Just find a good car from to gain your destinations. As a rule, people travel with their families or in a company of friends. It is a good idea to share expenses for the rental car and hostel. Anyway, you are ready to catch the wind and ride a wave! Enjoy your vacation! It is really exciting and good for your health! WHY?

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  1. For Good Mood

Do you want to boost your emotions? Just do some sports. It doesn’t matter whether you do exercises in the gym, play tennis or go for a walk in the evening. Physical activity makes your brain work faster, and you feel relaxed and happier. So, team sports give you an opportunity to relax and do interesting activity. It is so good for your health! As a rule, the most of people feel comfortable as a part of a team. They can contact their teammates, make new friends, get some social help, and solve team and personal problems when playing.

  1. For Good Concentration

If you do sport regularly, your brain works like a clock. It is about critical thinking, learning, and common sense. If you want to boost your brain and make it work faster, you should do aerobic exercises at least 3-5 times a week. 30 minutes is enough to work on your mental health.

  1. NO Stress and Depression

When you are active during the day, you seem happier. Why? Doing physical exercises you help your brain to stay away from everyday stresses and problems. Exercises reduce the stress hormone level in your organism. Also, exercises stimulate endorphin production. Sportive people are able to boost their spirits, control stress and depression. Endorphins help you to feel relaxed, optimistic even after a hard training.

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  1. For Good Sleep

It is not a secret that sport and any kinds of physical activity are good for your sleep. Do you sleep well after the training? Good sleep improves your brain functions and boosts your mood. Be careful, and don’t train hard before sleep. Evening exercises make your feel active and energetic…to energetic to sleep.

  1. For Good Weight

Everybody knows that doing exercises regularly is a very effective way to control your weight. If you have weight problems, you should pay attention to such sports as running, cycling, athletics. If your weight is normal, you are out of risk to be down with hypertension, diabetes.

  1. For Self-Rating

Doing exercises regularly, you boost your self-rating. Of course, your strength, skills and appearance become better day by day. You look great and feel great because of sport. Look! Your self-rating goes up!

  1. For Leadership

Team sports such as football, baseball, basketball, stimulate development of your leadership qualities. You have an opportunity to play team games, train in command, try, lose, and win all together. Of course, team players often have team thinking. These people are able to reach high results in social and professional spheres.

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Choosing team sports, don’t forget that all of them can be dangerous, especially American football, hockey, rugby. They often cause traumas, squats, breaks. The most of sport traumas are easy and fast in recovery ONLY under the condition of proper medical care. Nevertheless, such traumas as concussion of the brain, head injury are fraught with many dangers. It can be dangerous for the rest of your life. There are many advices and recommendation how to prevent sport traumas and recover fast. If you are an active sportsman or like extreme sports, you can be often traumatized. It causes depression, stress, suicide tendency.

There is one more danger you’d better to stay away from. It is asthma, caused by physical exercises. This kind of disease is very popular in our days. When you do sports many times a week, you can feel asthma symptoms. You can consult your doctor or personal trainer about breath exercises. Respiratory gymnastics is really helpful to prevent asthma. Also, you can be advised to take medicines before your training.

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No doubts, there are many benefits of doing sport. People from all over the word plan their surfing weekend not for nothing. It can be a good idea to take your kids with you. Why not? Sport activities are good for kids and adults. If you think you don’t like sport, you just couldn’t find a kind of sport you really like. Just pick one and move on!

If you are a passive sportsman and you are going to start your physical activities right now, STOP and consult your doctor! The doctor will take some tests. You will be sure that your organism, especially your heart is strong enough for any kinds of physical activity. Don’t forget about asthma and traumas. But if you are afraid of traumas and have some health problems, you can always go swimming.