One immediate sign that you are ready for RV lifestyle is if you need to downsize immediately due to financial reasons. People who lead a minimalist lifestyle won’t need to worry about mortgage and typical household utility bills. If you scale down your expectation and lifestyle, you can feel happier and become more productive. Downsizing can be a sign of right thinking. The first step of downsizing is very simple, you will only need to start. Look for the most direct way to dismantle excess parts of your lifestyle and leave what’s important. Another good sign that you are ready for downsizing is that you already have a strong vision for a RV lifestyle. In fact, you are eager to start it right away and convert your home into an RV. You can be enthusiastic enough that you use the picture of the RV for the smartphone wallpaper. You also constantly see RV as your finish line. Even so, you need to be realistic and think whether you are able live for many years in a small area.  You should also have minimalist wardrobe when you decide to have a permanent RV lifestyle. By being eager, you have already become mentally prepared.  You will also be able to think positively and you will be able to keep on going regardless of the obstacles. Positivity is an essential ingredient in our life. We will be able to disengage our attachments to current possessions. Although our house has become a real part of our treasured memories, we should be ready to abandon it.

You should look for ways to sell and donate your unwanted items. Furniture, wall decorations, electronic appliances and other items can be sold to further finance your RV lifestyle. The rest of the items can also be donated, if you are unable to sell them and nobody wanted to buy them. Every single dollar you spend can be used to improve your condition in the RV. You are also ready for a RV lifestyle if you have digitized many things in your lives. Books, music, documents and other things can be easily digitized, so you will be able to save weight. When fewer items are stored in your RV, your life can become more comfortable. You should look for any paper product that can be converted into digital form. Often times, during our effort to digitize existing items, we find that we no longer need most of them. If your items have been completely digitized, it is important to make multiple backup. Backups can be stored in multiple cloud storage and high capacity optical discs. You may also downsize your desktop computers into a compact, capable laptop; that could be assigned with your existing computing tasks. High performance laptop can be somewhat expensive, but it should be a minor downside that you can accept. After selling and donating stuff, there could be a few items that you are not willing to let go. They can be placed in storage areas, but in order to keep the rent fee low, you should store as few items as possible.