Due to space limitations, full-time RV lifestyle presents a number of challenges. After you left the house behind and started to live on the road and RV parks, you will realize that there are plenty of adjustments that you need to make. It is true that the typical household chores have been significantly reduced, but some of the remaining chores will be more difficult to do. Laundry is an almost daily requirements and this activity requires plenty of space in our house. It often boils down to the amount of daily laundry that you need to take care of. A common solution is to use the laundry service, but it can be quite expensive; when you do this daily. If you have more flexible budget, it is a good idea to spend on necessary laundry facilities that are compact enough for your requirements. The laundry system should be relatively flexible and compact, so it should be able to fit nicely into any allotted spaced in your RV.  If possible, you should be able to wash and dry the laundry without any manual intervention. Even so, the limited capacity will reduce the average load size of these compact laundry solutions, so it is important to scale down. For budget minded RVers, there should be more than enough options in the market. You should look for ways to effectively save yourself for the typical headache. You need to have the right kinds of equipment and in many cases, decent laundry facilities are provided by the RV park. It may cost about $5 per load, but if you are a long-time customer, you could be offered for less.

When choosing a laundry service, you should make sure that they have industrial size laundry facility. So, the overall laundry costs can be significantly reduced. It is also important to ensure that these machines are in excellent conditions and they are able to work in a highly efficient manner. However, it is important to know that big industrial dryers tend to become really hot when working at full capacity for hours. The high temperature could cause damages on specific types of clothing. If you don’t want to use the laundry facility in the campground, you will need to spend some extra money. You should look for possible alternatives that can make it easier to do your laundry. The equipment should be affordable and compact. You need to make sure that they get above average reviews from buyers, which you can easily see at various online stores. Some compact and affordable washing equipment can handle light and heavier loads relatively easily. The average capacity will be smaller than standard size washing machine, but the unit should be able to pay for itself eventually. Other than the mini washing machine, you also need to have a compact dryer. Compact centrifugal dryer should be able to get your clothes 95 percent dry without generating excessive heat. In general, you should make sure that these laundry products are efficient and won’t set you back excessively. If you want a more affordable solution, you choose a manual unit, but it will require some amount of cranking for each load. One problem is that you will need to wring your clothes by hand. But, this shouldn’t be a big problem if you are living in an all-year warm climate.