Kangaroo in sunset - Courtesy of Shutterstock
Kangaroo in sunset - Courtesy of Shutterstock

Kangaroo in sunset – Courtesy of Shutterstock

Australia is a country fondly referred to by foreigners as the country “down under”.  A country that is also a continent of massive proportion, Australia is a very popular destination for those who wish to find themselves engaged in adventurous travels. But Australia is also a western nation, and for some Americans, this may make the country seem as though it isn’t too drastically different than what they have back in the United States.

But Australia is a unique country and while it is true that some of the products and services in the country can be found elsewhere in the world, there are indeed certain experiences one can only have when they visit.

Here are some of the products and services that make Australia unique and a great place to visit on vacation or for exploration!


Vegemite is probably one of the more well-known products found in Australia that Americans may find interesting. This spread is actually a yeast by product created during the beer brewing process. While alternatives are found in New Zealand and other countries formerly in the British Commonwealth, Vegemite is uniquely Australian. Americans may enjoy this because it is quite a strong tasting cultural experience.

Kangaroo and Outback Adventures

In terms of unique services that Americans can experience, how about kangaroo watching or taking a tour through the outback? This may be a great and intriguing adventure for Americans because the wildlife and geology of Australia are some of the most fascinating in the world and surely something that they will remember for many years.

First Class Movie Theaters

In Australia, a new trend has been an upscale movie theater experience where people come to the cinema and are able to find themselves sitting in comfortable leather chairs with recliners, and first class service. Food and drinks (alcoholic drinks are included as well) are served to you by the staff at predetermined times and there is no crowded lines and inflated prices for food. While the ticket to get into a venue like this is higher than your average movie theater ticket, this unique experience is surely a luxury that would interest Americans who are used to their rowdy and overcrowded movie theaters.

Indigenous Food

The Aboriginals of Australia suffered a terrible fate at the hands of colonists and only after years and years of government assistance have they been able to even begin the process of healing. An attempt at preserving their culture is through their food services and catering Melbourne companies – some companies are owned and operated by the indigenous folks who used to thrive, and preserve a ‘taste’ of their culture through delicious meals. This will most certainly fascinate Americans as the history of the Aboriginals is intrinsically tied to the development of the nation of Australia.

Tim Tams

And just in case the previous few items were not enough to entice Americans to be interested in Australian products, Tim Tams surely will! Tim Tams are biscuits and resemble chocolate cookies that may be found in the United States. They come in many flavors and are quite a popular product in the region. A sure must try for Americans as they will love the taste of these delicious little wonders!

Any American would enjoy the plethora of products and services that are unique to Australia. This short list is a great starting point!