Planes, Buses, Trains and Cars: Choosing The Right Way Of Travelling Over The American Cities

You can go travelling over the USA cities at any time. What do you need to start? It is not a problem to get visa and buy tickets. All you really need is planning the route, call for your friends and go travelling over the country you like. USA is definitely worth visiting: giant sequoias, deserts, mysterious canyons, boosting geysers, waterfalls, volcanoes, seas and oceans. So, let’s pack and start travelling right now.

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Of course, you need a plane to get to the USA. There are many websites to help you to find the best operator. The most popular air companies in the USA are: American Airlines, Delta, Virgin America, US Airways. The low cost tickets you can buy from the Air Tran, Alaska Airlines, Jet Blue, Southwest. As you can see, the competition is big. So, the service and is always high. The companies fight for every new client. If you want to buy the air tickets for cheap, you should buy them online. It is going to be cheaper than buying tickets from the agents or in an office.

Traditionally, the air companies higher the prices for weekend and holidays. If you are going to book the flight for the popular direction, the price must be cheaper.


The biggest transport operator in the USA is Greyhound. The bus routes of this tour operator go to the main touristic cities in the USA. The tickets are cheap to buy from the website. This is a great opportunity to save about 50% from the ticket price. There are sales for students, kids and aged people. Nevertheless, their technic is not new.

Megabus is one of the best bus companies with free Wi Fi on the board, comfortable seats, low cost tickets. The ticket price starts from 1USD. Chinatown buses are the buses that go from the Chinese district to the East of the country. Their competitors are Megabus, Bolt Bus, Peter Pen Bus Lines and other bus companies.


The Amtrak company connects all big American cities. It can happen that the ticket price for train is the same as the ticket price for plane. Of course, if you want to see the city sights and have enough time for travelling, you should travel by train.


Taxi service is very expensive in the USA. You can call for taxi by phone, at the hotel counter or catch it right on the street. You should pay to the taxi driver to put your money in the special apparatus at the entrance. So, you should have enough cash, exact sum. You should get into the car by the front door and get out of it by the back door.

... only in New York City  ( day time )

Rental Car Services

If you are going to travel in a big company or with your family, you should hire a car. It is very comfortable in the USA. Thus, you can hire a car in Orlando and drive it from the state to state to leave it finally somewhere else. You have a lot of advantages by driving a car. You may plan your own trip that depends only on you and your possibilities. What is more, the most of American cars are equipped with the automatic transmission. Again, the roads in the USA are good. If you want to hire a car, you must have the driving license. If you take the car with the full tank, you should give it back with the same full tank. You can pay with your credit card or cash.

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Living Costs

Of course, it is much better and saving to travel in a company. This rule is also attractive for saving your living coasts. Think, the room for 3 or 4 in a small hotel is much cheaper than the hostel place in a room for 12 people. Nevertheless, it can be not very easy to find a cheap place in a big city, such as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco. There are two variants:

1) If you want to live close to the city attractions, you can stay in a central hostel. The minimum hostel price in San Francisco is 29-30 USD. The price in New York or Los Angeles may be about 36-40 USD.

2) If you don’t care where to live, you have a car and everything is under your control, you can save money a lot. Thus, for example, the room for 3-4 guests not far from Los Angeles is about 40 USD. This is twice cheaper than the price in the hostel in the city center.

The cheapest variant to travel over the country is couchsurfing. This is your chance to live in the city center for cheap. You shouldn’t pay for the room, just for dinner or souvenirs. The idea of this project is in cultural exchange and selfless assistance. The cheapest variant to live in Las Vegas is El Cortez Hotel & Casino. You can live in a roomy suit for the price 30 USD. The price for the double suit in Bellagio lux hotel is about 300 USD. As a rule, the checking time is in the morning. You should learn about the breakfast and check out time. There are always many fast food cafes around the hotel.

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USA Travelling Routs

There are many interesting places in the USA. All of them are worth visiting. You can use i-book from the Lonely Planet to make the route. You can also use Wikitravel and different websites about touristic travelling. They are really helpful. If you don’t want to plan your trip on your own, you may use professional services. There are many interesting ready-to-go routs. They differ by the key cities and attractions. They also differ by time. Thus, the week tour may cost about 358USD. You can get sale or special proposal for a big group. If you are ready to hire a car, your travelling will be more interesting and independent. This is absolutely your choice.