Airport Surprises: Never Feel Bored In The Airport

Many people prefer travelling by plane. This way of travelling helps to save the time, especially if you are travelling abroad. You can easily be lost in the airport. Don’t be afraid. All international airports are simply organized in the same way. What is the difficulty then? The difficulty is in finding the right way and keeping all necessary procedures.


Orient Yourself in the Airport

First of all, you have to learn the flight and number of your flight. You can write it on a paper to remember. You can learn about the flight number and checking time at the checking point. Also, the airports are equipped with the special display board that shows the time and number of the flights. The information is given in English and other international language. If you are lost, you should use help of special people who are always ready to show the right way. They are called custom service. You can also find the information counter.

Changing Flight

If you need to change the flight, don’t worry about your stuff. You luggage is taken to another plane without your help. So, you don’t need to run over the airport with the bags and backpacks in search of the right way. You don’t need to check in again if you are changing flight. All you need is just go to the nest flight. So, looking for the right way, you should find the sign transit. This is the board where you can find all needed information about the transit flight.

Listen to the voice messages attentively. As far as you can hear about the boarding, you should go to your plane. Of course, you should show your ticket and take your seat in the plane. You and the rest of passengers can be checked by the airport security. You can be checked even if you didn’t leave the airport. It’s ok. Security police asks to take off your shoes, belt, jewelry and go through the metal detector. This procedure is normal for all airports.


The most important moment in your travelling is documents. The list of documents you should have:

Passport. You can miss your flight without the passport.

Ticket. You may have paper or e-ticket. Of course, the airport personnel may be interested in your return ticket.

Visa. Of course, if you are travelling abroad you have to get a permission to get into the country. There are many countries where the visa is not needed. You should learn the information beforehand whether you need visa or not. If you need vise, it takes some time to get it.

Medical insurance. This paper helps you to get medical help in the country abroad. It is very important.

Travelling with the whole family, the list of documents can be longer:

Passports for kids. If the kids are travelling with one of parents, the written permit is needed. The permit must be notarial deed.

Up in the Air

Airport Logistics

The airports in different countries are equipped with special directional signs that show the way to go to get more services: like medical room, waiting room, banking machines. If you are in the foreign country and cannot find the way to go out, just follow the crowd of people to get into the airport central hall. The additional services can be: Smarte Cartes, hairdresser, playground for kids, food market, restaurant and cafes,

Tips to Keep Yourself Busy in the Airport

Your flight can be delayed or you just have to wait for the next flight for long. What should you do? There are many interesting and useful attractions to get busy with something new and interesting even in the airport. Of course, some of them make you sweat but they are still useful.

Yoga Classes

San Francisco airport is the first airport in the USA where the passengers can practice yoga. The yoga hall works in the 2nd terminal, the entrance is free. The yoga project is so successful that is was also organized in the 3rd terminal. The yoga classes are popular not only in San Francisco, but in the airport of Chicago, Dallas, Burlington.

Rest room and Bathroom for Cheap

You can rent a bed room in Dallas airport, in the airports of Atlanta and Philadelphia. The rental price per hour is $42. You may pay $20 more to pay for the shower.

Holiday Inn Express Bangkok Siam, Thailand

Enjoy Nature

It sounds strange for the airport to admire nature. The Honolulu airport boasts the beautiful Chinese garden in the terminal Y. Passengers can relax and have a good time by watching green landscapes and golden fish in the pond.

Fitness Center

There is an opportunity to get 24 hours access to the airport fitness center and indoor swimming pool in Detroit at the Westing Detroit Metropolitan airport. The price for fitness is $15. You can pass a secure control just in the airport hotel. Staying in Chicago, you may use fitness center in the airport hotel Hilton Chicago O`Hara Airport Hotel. You can get to the hotel just through the underground walkway. The entrance to the fitness center is about $22,40. It works till 10 p.m.

Play Golf

The Palm Beach International airport boasts the golf field. You should pay for $3,20 and enjoy playing golf.

Listen to Music

The international airport Austin-Bergstrom has many platforms, where the musicians play. It is very pleasant to get some fun before or after flight.

Have Relaxation

The USA airports offer to visit special SPA centers for relaxation: aromatherapy, reflexology, manicure, pedicure, massage. You may pay about $18 and visit swimming pool, sauna and fitness center.


Have an Interesting Excursion

If you have much time to wait, you may leave your luggage in the airport hotel room and go to see the city attractions. Thus, car rental enterprise Buffalo airport offers you to hire a car and drive to have an interesting excursion to the Niagara Falls. Of course, you may have a taxi. But the price may be about $ 70. This price is good for the group of passengers to share the price. You can get there from both sides, America and Canada.