4Are you planning to travel to London? If yes then the following are the best destinations that you can visit .Landon is a fabulous country to visit. It is endowed with enormous tourist destinations that one cannot afford to miss. The following are the best places that one cannot afford to miss while in London.

British Museum
The British museum is one of the best places that one can never afford to miss while in London. It is an amazing place to see many interesting artifacts that London is blessed with. The British museum is located in London. It is an amazing place to visit while in London. The museum contains the world`s most famous artifacts such as the historical Egyptian mummies and other important exhibitions of sculptures and pre historical data.

National Gallery
This is one of the London’s cherished treasuries with exemplary works of art. If you have interest in the world and field of art, then visit the breathtaking National Gallery to experience the exciting works of art done by the famous artist like Van Gogh, da Vinci, and Botticelli. The place contains amazing Europeans works dating from 13th and 19th century.

London Zoo
This is one of the fabulous places while in London. It is one of the oldest Zoos which thousands of people from different parts of the world normally come to visit. The place is known for its contributions to the scientific research particularly on the discipline of Microbiology. The place was opened in 1828 and has continued to be the world`s famous tourist attraction sites. This is an amazing place to visit while in London.

Shakespeare’s Globe
Known for its historical information on the works of the famous play writer of the Elizabethenian time, The Shakespearian Globe is one of the recent most amazing places that frequented with long queues of tourists and the locals streaming in to the place to witness amazing theatres. The attraction dates back to 1599 .Unfortunately, the place was once destroyed by the Cromwell but was latter rebuild hence the moat recent tourist destination in London.

The Tower
The tower is another tourist destination that was built around 1843 and 1858 for the purpose of the Palace. The palace is currently known as the parliament building. The clock tower is as tall as 96 meters and contains of 61 meters tall brick that is topped by cast iron. The clock faces are also very tall as tall as 55 meters above ground.

Royal Observatory, Greenwich
If you love nature walk then this a perfect place for you to visit. It is an amazing park where one can trek for a while and have an opportunity to have an impressive view point. It is at this point that you can witness the largest telescope in the UK. The place derived its name from the famous known meridian.

St James’s Park
this is another place to visit of in London. It has plenty pelicans. This is one of the places that one can experience absolute fan and real enjoyment. These pelicans are also very unique because they really enjoy feeding on birds particularly pigeons.

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