Turkey is one of the world’s top travel destinations due to more comprehensive aspects of tourism for sure. More than 20 millions of people fly to Turkey each year. The country elaborates cultural, historical, social, and even natural attractions at one place. If you’re planning for a stunning vacation, Turkey should be on your list. Keep reading for an inspiration of travel Turkey, this could be your basic guide too.

What Are in Turkey?

The main attraction could be the historical-cultural spectrum which has formed the country like today. It’s home to Islam, Christianity, and Judaism along with the historical backgrounds of these civilizations. You may have heard about the Constantinople, Ottoman, Crusaders, Byzantines, or even the Mongols can be traced in Turkey. That’s why the city tour is one of the main activities of Travel Turkey for sure. For some people, travel Turkey can turn into a pilgrimage. Various festivals come along the year, you can align your arrival with your desired festival’s schedule.

What to Do

Despite the city tour, Turkey offers comprehensive adventure activities. These include hiking, mountain climbing, water sports, rafting, skiing, yachting, and many more. The rivers in Turkey are just excellent for adventure. It’s better to prepare your fitness before taking an adventure trip to Turkey. It’s also the best chance to get some authentic Turkish foods for sure. You’d find a different touch of European civilization in Turkey.

Best Time to Visit

April to October is the best time to visit Turkey due to pleasant and enjoyable weather. It’s the highest season of tourism in Turkey, a prior booking is highly suggested to secure your rooms and slots in that season. However, some people just take the colder winter to enjoy the skiing activities.

Travel Packages

If you hardly to coordinate all aspects of travel Turkey, you can simply take the travel packages for sure. You’ve known what to do in Turkey, ensure that the packages have covered your desired activities and destinations of the country.

Medical Tourism

If you visit Istanbul, you may find many foreign tourists with bandages in public space. They’re simply the ones who take the medical tourism in Turkey. 1 of 5 tourists in Turkey is simply a medical tourist. Istanbul alone is a home to more than 300 hair transplant clinics not mention to hospitals and other medical facilities. Turkey is preferable due to an affordable price and professional medics.