Fitness Tips for New Mothers

Your baby is finally here, and it’s been six weeks since you got back home. The question is, are you ready to start exercising once your child is born?

Everyone has something different to say about this, but the bottom line is that you should concentrate on taking care of your little one and give your body time to heal. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make strides to lose the baby weight. Here are a few fitness tips for new mothers.

Give it Time

Like with losing weight under any other circumstance; you should give it time.

Remember that your body was playing host to a human being for nine plus months. Your body goes through many changes during this period, and you should give it time to snap back to its former self.

Sometimes working out too soon will affect things internally and externally, if you don’t allow enough time for your body to adjust back from being pregnant.

While at it, love the body you are in, and it will make things much easier. Dress well and pamper yourself. Enjoy time with your little ones, after all, you waited nine whole months to meet face to face.

Clean up your Diet

While your diet should be geared towards milk production for your young one, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be eating right.

Do not go on any fad diets or deprive yourself of a balanced diet. Instead, work on making sure that you adopt a healthy balanced diet. The best you can do at this point is to watch your portions.

Also, avoid junk food and carbonated/ sugary drinks. Instead, opt for more water and fresh fruit juices.

If cooking is a problem have someone help you out with this until you are able to get back to your regular routine.

Fitness Tips For New Mothers

Breastfeed to Burn Calories

You have probably heard that breastfeeding does burn calories. This is actually quite accurate, and it can help you shed off the baby weight.

Breastfeeding contributes to burning off an estimated 500 calories daily. Combined with a healthy diet and light to moderate exercise you should be able to drop the baby weight in no time.

Not to forget that breastfeeding is the best meal you can give your newborn, but it also offers a fantastic opportunity to bond with your little one.

Work in Some Workout

For the first 3 months or so after birth, no one will fault you for not working out. Taking care of a newborn is very tasking, and it is a full-time, round-the-clock responsibility.

However, you can pick up some light workouts that are beneficial for you and your child. For instance, you could invest in a jogging strollerand take your little one with you for a light jog or stroll to start with. If you are a proud mom of twins, you can have one of these best double jogging strollers as well.

After the first three months, you can add on with some low-impact workouts like yoga or aerobics. After getting a clean bill of health from your physician, particularly if you went through a cesarean section, you can enroll in a gym near home to kick things further with your weight loss.

Sleep Well

Sounds a bit ridiculous telling the mother of a newborn baby to try and sleep well. However, it is entirely possible to sleep well with a newborn at home.

Sleep is a paramount part of weight loss, and with a good night’s sleep, you will be less stressed.

The age old trick is to “sleep when the baby is sleeping.” It means sleeping for shorter periods of time, but you’ll be more rested than if you counted on a few hours of sleep at night.

To sum it all up, don’t stress yourself up with weight loss after giving birth. Take your time and concentrate on your newborn. Implement the easy tips discussed above, and with no time you’ll lose the baby weight.