Medical offices are supposed to be healthy, peaceful environments. Nevertheless, some are in better states than others. Red flags in a medical office can alert you to danger and signal to switch to a different office.


A dirty medical office is one of the worst signs. If the waiting room is dirty, this can imply bad hygiene inside surgical rooms. When your health is one the line, you want the facility to be as clean as possible. Scattered newspapers, dirt on the ground, and stains on the walls are all red flags. You don’t want to become sick.

Lack of professionalism

Medical staff are trained to be professional in all scenarios. If you notice employees skipping crucial steps, this is a red flag. Cutting corners with patients, forgetting to hand out paperwork, and poor attire are signals that this medical office is subpar. An ideal medical office is completely devoted to its work with professionalism in every aspect.

Outdated things

Outdated equipment is a huge turnoff. In a similar fashion, outdated sign-in sheets and inspection papers are also red flags. This signals that the practice has not kept up with the times, and they do not align with the hospital’s standards. This is illegal by law, and certainly a place you should stay away from.

Lack of patients

If you are the only person in the medical office besides the doctor and a nurse, this is a red flag that the practice has been abandoned by patients. There must have been good reasons for this departure. The office could have had mediocre treatment, the doctor could have been incompetent, or prices could have been exorbitant. Regardless of the reason, you should take this hint and stay away yourself.

Disjointed waiting room

In a stellar medical office, the waiting room provides a natural transition to the operational rooms. A poor layout can be a red flag in itself. If the waiting room is disjointed from the rest of the office, this can be a sign that the staff is not truly dedicated to patient care. They might have other priorities that detract from a genuine medical practice.

Red flags in a medical office are some of the scariest things you can encounter in medicine. Stay away from these conditions, and if they escalate, report them to the hospital. Medical offices are designed to be places for your health, not places that work against it.