Sicily is rich in magnificent sights. Numerous monuments were testimonies of the stormy history of Sicily, from Byzantium to the Bourbons. They have seen Arab Muslims, Normans, Aragonese and the Kingdoms of both Sicilies. You would not get familiar with the island well, if you spent all the time relaxing only in one place. It could be endlessly explored. Sicily is too multifaceted and diverse to judge it only for one city or beach. Catania – the second most important city in Sicily. You would love its sights, architecture and nature. If you are coming there for the first time, take into account our small pieces of advice- they could become useful even for the experienced travelers. By the way, car rental at Catania Airport Fontanarossa airport would save plenty of your precious time and nerves.

  1. Shopping should be done only with the national currency, as no other is relevant there. You can exchange money in one of the banks or at the specialized exchange offices. In large supermarkets and shopping centers, payment is accepted by the bank transfer.

  1. Catania is famous for its low prices for absolutely all types of goods. It could be said without hesitation that prices in local shops and markets are among the lowest in the country. Hotels and restaurants also do not have high prices for the services, so you could choose to stay in a hotel of the highest category and go for a dinner at a restaurant you like most.

  1. Experienced travelers recommend going for the foodstuffs to one of the local markets. The locals sell only fresh fish, vegetables and fruits, the buyers have the opportunity to get a good discount there. In Catania, almost all markets are operating daily.

Avoiding Stereotypes: Catania Travel Tips

  1. In the crowded places, vacationers are warned to watch their belongings closely. There are many pickpockets in markets, municipal transport and shopping malls. When going for a walk, you should take a floor amount of valuable things with you.

  1. A lot of tourists go to the city of Corleone, considering it the birthplace of the famous Italian mafia. If you are one of them-it is going to sound disappointing, but there is nothing special in this city. Even the director of the film “Godfather”, Francis Ford Coppola, was not interested in this city, so the shooting took place in colorful Sicilian villages – Savoca, Forza d’Agro, and Motta Camastra. These villages worth a visit if you are travelling by car. Conversations on a subject “Sicily – the centralization of the Mafia” are very annoying for the Sicilians. On this basis, try to avoid stereotypes. Of course, Mafia in Sicily does exist, but it is not that type of mafia, which is shown in the gangster films. The main mafia, according to the Sicilians, is operating in Milan and Rome.

  1. Car enthusiasts should take into account that traffic on the territory of some areas of the city could be significantly hampered. Most of the city streets are very narrow, during the rush hours there could be durable traffic jams. In addition, local drivers are not distinguished by observance of traffic laws, which is also an unfavorable factor.

  1. Sicily is not just a beach holiday. “You own Sicily – you own the Mediterranean Sea,” the sages said. In winter, the comfortable temperature in Sicily would allow you to get acquainted with the original Sicilian culture, to see the monuments of highly developed ancient civilizations and luxurious baroque churches, not having exhaustion from the heat. You could visit many places in winter there. The example is the Ionian coast of the island, which is unique, because in a few hours you can plunge into the real winter on the Etna volcano and sink in the fragrant greens, dizzy aromas of the Sicilian gardens and the sparkling sea surface near the coast.

Avoiding Stereotypes: Catania Travel Tips

  1. The locals are very hospitable, they are always happy to help and tell you how to get to any place of interest. To cotton up the indigenous people, you can learn a few phrases in their native language- it would certainly make a proper impression.

  1. It is convenient to travel around the city by foot, this way you could see all the local attractions and visit the most interesting entertainment venues.

  1. It is customary to leave tips at local bars and restaurants (usually it is 10% of the order amount). In restaurants of the highest category, they could be included in the bill. It is also appropriate to leave some tips for the house cleaner in the hotel, guide and taxi driver, as well as to a friendly passerby who does you a favor.

  1. Try local dishes and specialties! In the morning order granita instead of cappuccino, eat arancini, instead of salads; choose focaccia, not the standard pizza. Everything is very tasty in Catania, you will not regret.