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When a marital relationship isn’t working out, calling is a quit is not an option but a must- divorce. Relationships vary and for that there exist several alternatives for divorce- collaborative, litigation, do-it yourself, and mediation. To avoid going for the wrong alternative that will make a bad situation worse, it makes sense if a person seeking divorce consults a divorce attorney for professional advice and counselling viz which of the alternatives would do for a given marital situation.

Considering A Divorce: 4 Divorce Alternatives

Do-it-yourself alternative

This is the idea of going round the use of an attorney or mediator for a divorce. Under this arrangement, the person seeking divorce manages all the legal procedure involved. They handle legal documentation and other processes alike independently. It works pretty well for a marriage that last for a short while with no children involved and there is no alimony, support and custody issues. Such marriage isn’t tended to breed future complications.

The do-it-yourself stuff is however not a wise decision to make when a relationship is kind of complicated- that is, if children are involved and parenting as well as support is to be ironed out. The legal process of alimony and parenting is no piece of cake and for that it is reserved for a divorce attorney. Whichever way an individual chooses to opt out, consulting an attorney is essential as it will help improve the situation.


For people who are not cut in for that litigious and expensive court arrangement attributed to litigation, this is the right alternative. Sort of an alternative resolution, it seeks to reunite two couples in the face of dissolution of a marital affair. Simply put, the disputing couples would bury the hatchet or iron out their differences while pathing ways to prevent the situation from escalating into more complications over time.

Mediation involves a legal process in which two disputing couples come together to negotiate and finalize all issues viz-a-viz their divorce. The issues will include alimony, parenting, support and residential custody. Conversation is the drive force of mediation and it is managed by a mediator, an attorney well-versed in family law in order to facilitate smooth communication. The mediator or attorney uses his or her experience to guide the couples to settle things amicably and reach a perfect agreement in the interest of their family, hence it is said to be family interest based. Disputing get to participate fully in mediation to settle issues discuss and settle issues that could impede the protection of a family.

Benefits of Mediation

It is confidential.

It produces a fair judgement outcome

It ensures family protection

It produce a reasonable and concrete agreement

It is inexpensive

It protects the interests of the family in the be-all and end-all

It breeds peace and reduces tensions


Probably the most popular divorce option, litigation is involves the normal court procedure in which disputing parties would hire an attorney to represent them in court. It is a little bit lengthy and more expensive than the other alternatives. It is usually brought into play when other alternatives fails to render the ultimate resorts.