You have worked hard for and really looked forward to your holiday, so you rightly do not want to waste a second of it. The problem arises when you realise there is so much do in so little time. The best places always have an overwhelming abundance of delights that seemingly cannot all be experienced in one go, regardless of how much time you pour into your vacation.

The solution to this dilemma in Cornwall is St Ives. This sharp little town is positioned in such a way that you can sample a little of all the best things Cornwall has to offer.

4 Reasons Why St Ives Holiday Cottages Are Cornwall's Best

Walk the Cornish Cliffs

Staying in any of the holiday cottages in Cornwall puts you in a great position to explore what most people who travel to Cornwall come for; the magnificent cliffs towering over sublime coasts. When you walk the high paths and feel the briny breeze you will be able to close your eyes and breathe in the essence of Cornwall. The cliffs in St Ives give you access to sweeping views of marvellous coves and the grey-blue swathe of captivating seas. 

Visit a CornishVillage

The mood of this quintessentially Cornish town epitomises what you hope to find in a small harbour-side village. It is no accident that by choosing a place in St Ives, above all of the available holiday cottages in Cornwall, you can find yourself at the heart of the official ‘Best UK Seaside Town’ of 2010 and 2011. The town meets the expectations of a village idyll. It has a parish history dating back to the fifth century, a proud maritime heritage, narrow streets decked with stone, and a mix of modern delis, cafés and shops selling all manner of fine ingredients.

Enjoy the Cornish Beaches

Most holiday cottages in Cornwall are placed within close proximity to many wonderful beaches, but St Ives allows you to not only sample iconic Cornish beaches, but also to experience different types of beaches, since the town’s four sandy havens each have a distinct appeal. Try Porthmeor for the surf, Porthgwidden for the cove, Porthminster for the stretch of sand, and Harbour for the working port. If you want to make the most of your time in Cornwall exploring the shore, there is no better way to do so than take in a little of everything.

Value the Cornish Culture

St Ives epitomises Cornwall’s pied-piper-style gift for luring the best sculptors and artists, who have been perfecting their craft here for almost 100 years. If architecture is something you are interested in, cottages in St Ives, and a great deal of holiday cottages in Cornwall for that matter, place you near fabulous modern and ancient Cornish buildings. A visit to the parish church is ideal for a glimpse into the ancient Welsh Christian tradition. You can walk on archaic cobbled streets from the harbour to the more modern and newly designed offerings on the outskirts. The town’s art and architecture, plus its museums and festivals, give you a charming slice of the culture of this coastline.