You are waiting to go to work in the morning, you look out of your window and feel the heat of the sun beating down on you before you have even left your house. Then you get on the Underground to work and feel as if you are sitting in (or most likely standing in!),an oven. Your office at work is no different – the fans just seem to be blowing the heat at you rather than making you feel cooler. If you live in London, then this scenario probably feels very familiar to the days we experienced during the summer of 2013. But there is no need to feel this way – at least not for the whole day – because London is home to many great swimming pools for you to cool off and enjoy the sun rather than cursing it.

London’s Best Swimming Pools

Hampstead Heath Ponds

Hampstead Heath is a fantastic open space in London. Going through the woodland areas it feels as if you have just left the city behind. Hampstead Heath is an especially good destination in the summer with three different ponds available for public swimming. There are separate ones for both men and women as well as a mixed pond area. Each area is surrounded by the wooded landscape and makes the perfect destination for the summer.

London Fields Lido

The London Fields Lido was recently developed after been closed for 20 years and immediately won an award for being the best place to swim in London. It is situated in East London and is home to London’s only heated, Olympic sized pool. This makes the London Fields Lido a great option all year round and not just in the summer. The London Fields Lido is one of the capital’s best options for public swimming pools attracting people from all around the city to enjoy its facilities.

The Serpentine

The Serpentine lies in London’s Hyde Park – already a great destination for people who want to enjoy the hot summer weather. Because of the prime Central London location, The Serpentine lido is an extremely popular location during the summer months. The lido itself also includes a children friendly area so it’s the perfect destination for the whole family.

Oasis Sports Centre

Another Central London location for swimming can be found at the Oasis Sports Centre in the excellent Covent Garden area. This is a very popular choice for those coming home after a long day at work in the hot weather and the outdoor pool can be an excellent location to cool off and have fun in the summer months. The Oasis Sports Centre also includes an indoor pool, although be warned – this pool is used more by those looking for a more competitive swim rather than a recreational outdoor splash.

All these places employ excellent drainage systems to ensure that the pools and the surrounding areas are completely safe for those using it. Drainage systems such as these can be found at Aquabocci offer a wide range of stylish and well-designed drainage solutions.