Working out exactly what you need to pack for a weekend getaway can be extremely difficult at times. While it’s important not to pack too much and struggle with an incredibly heavy bag, you also don’t want to go too light and forget a number of essentials.

So just how should you decide what to pack and what should be classified as essential? Here we walk you through the process and ensure that you’ll have everything ready for a weekend away. With your cheap flights booked, bags packed and holiday head firmly screwed on, there won’t be anything to stop you from enjoying your weekend break.

The most important thing to do before you begin packing your bag is to work out exactly what conditions will be like at your destination and what you are likely to be doing for the duration of your stay. Are you visiting Barcelona in the middle of a hot summer or going to Glasgow in mid-winter? Get on to a computer and check the weather reports for a better idea of what conditions will be like. Though they might not always be entirely reliable, they’ll give you an indication of what to expect.

What To Remember For Your Weekend Getaway

The contents of your suitcase will also depend on what kind of activities you’ll be taking part in upon arrival. If you’re absconding for a lazy weekend on the beach in a sun-kissed location, you probably won’t need much more than a few swimming costumes, a pair of flip-flops and something a little smarter for evenings.

However, if you’re hoping to spend a serious amount of time wandering the streets of a city and visiting all the sights you probably want to ensure you have a good pair of comfortable shoes and a practical walking outfit.

The key to packing just the right amount for a short getaway is making outfit decisions before you leave. Rather than taking a few pieces of clothing and choosing between them when you arrive, make the decision early and leave the surplus items back at home.

Similarly, try and minimise the heavy items you’re carrying with you. You probably won’t need your entire make-up bag nor will you finish two books and need that third novel you were planning to bring. Try and cut back where you can without forgetting essentials and always remind yourself that you’re only going away for a few days.