Great Food Can Really Make An Occasion SpecialWhenever people consider planning an event, the food is always one of the major considerations. Whilst it can be a minefield to cater to everyone’s tastes, finding a menu with tasty choices is a great way to make a party memorable.

Putting together a to do list for any event can be a tricky business, with so many things to consider that food can be relegated to an afterthought. However, a well-planned menu can make the difference between a big hit and a big flop as there is nothing worse than hungry guests, especially as there will be drinking involved. Failing to provide for your guests can leave a party feeling flat with people looking forward to the end rather than hoping it goes on forever.

1. Consider the Occasion

Choosing the right food for an event needn’t be an added headache and might give you some much needed inspiration for a theme should you choose to have one, or give some structure to the occasion if you aren’t sure of how to keep things moving along. One of the important things to consider when you are planning a menu is whether there are any guests who will have special dietary requirements. The easiest way is to ask and collate a list of the considerations you need to make and then you can choose to either eliminate those ingredients from every dish or ensure that you have at least one option which will suit those guests with restricted diets. Depending on how severe an allergy is, you may need to consider separate catering supplies to prepare and serve foods to ensure that the risk of cross contamination is kept to a minimum.

2. Check your Numbers

catering suppliesUnder-catering can be a problem at any event and ensuring that you have enough food for everyone you have invited is vital. If you run out of food before everyone has eaten then you risk unhappy guests and it is always a good idea to have a little more food than you expect to need than to scrimp and end up with too little. For the same reason, you may wish to limit access to any food prepared for those with allergies and intolerances to ensure that it isn’t eaten by other guests. The prevalence of online catering supplies means that you should be able to source everything you need without having to break the bank and choosing your menu should be a pleasure rather than a chore.

3. Choose Wisely

It is important to think about how the food will fit in with the rest of your event will there be music or other entertainment that will need to be scheduled around a sit-down meal, or will you have a running buffet at which people can serve themselves all night? How many courses do you want? Will you choose firm favourites or go for something a little more adventurous? You may also be constrained by budget so it’s important to start with that if it’s going to be a factor.

Maria John is a food writer and enthusiastic sampler of a range of different cuisines. She regularly helps clients to organise events, including advising them on how to source online catering supplies to suit their needs.