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Are you planning to travel in the near future? Does the idea of packing and preparing for a trip give you an instant headache? Sure, preparing for an adventure can be quite the hassle, but it doesn’t have to be. Create a list of items you know you won’t be able to live without while vacationing, and you’ll soon find the chore of packing to be that much easier.

Top 10 Travel Items You Must Have On Your Checklist

Packing for the holiday – Shutterstock

One: Entertainment

No matter how you’re choosing to travel, you’ll need and want different means of entertainment to keep you busy until you reach your final destination. Consider packing different items, such as books or magazines, travel sized board games, music devices, etc.

Two: Documents

Make sure you have all of your proper documents before leaving the house. Different documents you may need could be passports, airline tickets, driver’s licenses, emergency contacts, etc. Pack these essential items in a purse or piece of carryon luggage.

Three: Protection

Depending on what type of adventure you’re planning to take, you may need protection in the form of a first aid kit or sunscreen. Usually these items are small or can be purchased in travel sizes. Not always a necessity and available almost anywhere, it’s still smart to have these items as you’ll never know when you might need them.

Four: Money

It comes in several different forms, but regardless how you prefer to carry it around, you’re still going to need it. You may wish to bring cash, cashier’s checks, credit or debit cards, etc., but make sure you at least have enough money for your trip, as well as an emergency stash, just in case.

Five: Accessories

One of the most important accessories you will need on vacation is sunglasses. Though sunglasses can be purchased anywhere, it’s best to bring your own. Other accessories you may need include: jewelry and watches, hats, and or belts.

Six: Camera

Though your cell phone can most likely take pictures, you still may wish to pack a camera for your trip. There are different types to choose from, including disposable, waterproof, and professional. Pack a camera that is small or easy to travel with.

Seven: Phone

Are you leaving the country? If so, then you cell phone may not work. You may need to get a hold of someone back home, just in case. Therefore, if you can’t use your cell phone, considering purchasing a phone card or prepaid cell phone. Using phones at the hotel can be quite expensive.

Eight: Clothing

You most likely won’t want to purchase new clothing on vacation. Therefore, make sure to pack different types of clothing, depending on your needs and destination. You may need tennis shoes or comfortable walking shoes, dress shoes, dress pants or a dress, workout attire, bathing suits, and more. Try and plan or know the different activities you plan on taking part in so you can prepare your wardrobe accordingly.

Nine: Toiletries

Your hotel may offer different toiletry items, but these products are usually small and of poor quality. Sure, you could buy these items at a local store, but it’s cheaper and easier if you just go ahead and pack your own. Travel kits, such as The Art of Shaving Travel Kit may include most of the thing you’ll need.

Ten: Computer

Perhaps you’ll need to check you email or do a little bit of business while you’re on vacation. Interestingly enough, most venues or hotels offer free Wifi. Don’t forger to back your computer, laptop, or tablet device.

Packing for vacation can sometimes be challenging. However, if you make a well-detailed list of all the items you and your family will need while away from home, then you will definitely find the process of packing to move smoother and faster.