Why not take a moment to turn a daydream into reality on the little island of Menorca?

Shut your eyes. Take a deep breath and prepare your mind to travel. Listen, and you will hear the wind between the pines. Breathe in deeply, and you will taste the sea air and the crisp freshness of a salty ocean. Recline, and feel your cares slide off your shoulders and your worries vanish under the setting sun and call of lilting gulls.

How To Do Son Bou – Villas and Much More

So, prepare your days for the serenity of this unique island life. Daydreaming is all well and good, but here is how you can experience this in reality.

Food Fantasy

No matter your budget, your stomach and taste buds will not want for activity in a quaint and picturesque village on Menorca. If a life of waking up to idly recline by a sumptuous Mediterranean beach is not enough for you, Son Bou villas invite you to a feast of fine cuisine. You have the choice of tasting fine international cuisine or trying the local Spanish fare since the village is not only full of fine resorts. It also boasts a tantalising array of restaurants.

Beach Bliss

This beach features the longest stretch of sand on this Balearic island haven, a full 3 kilometres in which to make playground out of sand, sun and surf. One thing you will certainly never be tired of when staying in the Son Bou villas is the beach.  There are few activities quite so calming as walking along the beach at sunset, hearing to the call of waking frogs as they embrace the twilight, seeing the shadows lengthen over the wetlands and feeling the gentle wind mix with the heat of the fading sun.

Amazing Atmosphere

In the end, the magic of your stay resides in the way Son Bou villas give you both reprieve from your daily hassles yet a true home away from home. Yes, you will determinedly apply yourself a routine of leisure on the white shore as the salt water dries gently from your shining skin. You will indeed feast on the tasty cuisine and stroll the calm streets of the village without a harsh thought to bear. But ultimately, it is the intangible that will sink into your memory from Menorca.

Heady Heritage

Finally, one of the highlights of your stay will be a trip to the Basilica Paleocristiana de Son Bou. It provides something to entice and invigorate your mind near the Son Bou villas. Discovered in 1951, its foundations are mostly intact. This early Christian church dates back to the 5th century. A stroll through its remaining groundwork and the circular remains of its once proud pillars will add a splash of wonder at the connection this island has to its past and an appreciation of a long history stretching back to antiquity.