A Balearic jewel, Menorca is an island for those seeking a haven from which they can enjoy paradise with divine ease. It fulfils all the fantasies that spring to mind when you first grasp hold of a holiday brochure. When you dream of your next vacation nature’s delights spring to mind – bright sun, gentle waves, and the soothing breeze wafting under a blue sky. Here, they need not be dreams. You can feast on a natural wonderland in reality.

Nature's Haven – Why You Should Choose Cala Galdana Villas

Bathe in the Warming Waters

One of the great joys of a stay at any one of the Cala Galdana villas is having the chance to dive into the sparkling blue ocean. The freshness and warmth of the waters will capture you many times on your visit. The feeling of swimming through the calm surf and then warming yourself in the soft sun will feed you spirit and make you forget your stresses. Rest assured, a stay in Menorca will find you in the water.

Feel the Sand Between Your Toes

The small curved shape of the beach gives you a safe and intimate feel once you step down from the heights and leave your resort. The soft sand on the shore of the Cala Galdana villas will not let you down. No doubt you picture sublime beaches you think of a Mediterranean escape. Here, you are able to walk peacefully along the shore and feel the touch of gentle sand on the soles of your feet, while the hot sun warms your skin and the crystal blue waters murmur soothingly.

Drink in the Peace of the Cove

Staying in one of the ample Cala Galdana villas places you in a uniquely beautiful part of Menorca’s natural delights. Petite and picturesque, yet placid enough for a number of watersports, merely hearing the gentle azure waves crash softly on the sand will ease your mind. Only a few kilometres from the town of Ferreries and known as ‘The Queen of the Calas’, the sublime beauty of this cove will move you at first sight.

Explore the Rich Green Hills

While at the Cala Galdana villas, a walk past the river, under the shadow of the hills and through the groups of teal pines, will lift your spirits into a rising oneness with your natural surrounds. The Algendar Gorge cuts the limestone near the town of Ferreries and burrows its way to the cove where the small Algendar River falls out into the ocean. When you can pull yourself away from engrossing serenity of the cove, you can enjoy the surrounding hills and gorges.

Gaze up and down the Serene Cliffs

The steep precipices provide a dual privilege for the resort dweller – you can stand on the beach and glory at the daring sight of the limestone cliffs reflecting the Mediterranean sun, and you can peer down from the heights and enjoy a panoramic view of the cove. The view is stunning because of these famous limestone cliffs that encircle the cove.