Searching for a different kind of holiday, somewhere new to discover with lots of new experiences on offer? Then why not consider a trek in Peru, one of South America’s most diverse and fascinating countries. Taking a trek in Peru gives the visitor the opportunity to explore the real heart and soul of the country, appreciate the magnificent scenery up close and discover an interesting, colourful and welcoming culture.

Bursting with exciting places to visit and veiled in a mystical and alluring history Peru is a place that is popular amongst the more intrepid of travellers. With its majestic mountain ranges interspersed with lush tropical rainforest the diversity of this country can only really be grasped when exploring on foot. Trek through charming local villages, along magnificent fertile valleys and make a beeline for the country’s highlight, Machu Picchu. Photographers will be in their element in Peru as colours and sights bombard you in the markets of Cuzco and the flora and fauna along the way is more than impressive. A trek in Peru is sure to go down as one to remember and will leave the visitor wanting to explore more of the far away continent of South America.

What to See On Your Dream Trekking Holiday In Peru

All You Need To Know About Discovering Peru On Foot

There is no doubt that the highlight of a trek in Peru is the high altitude hike up to Machu Picchu, one of the most sacred sites in the whole of South America. Despite it being dated back to AD1430 the site has only recently been discovered and evidently was left untouched during the Spanish conquest. Much of the site remains in tact and you can wander around classical Inca style buildings and marvel at the legacy left by the Inca rulers of the time. Reaching the site can be tough but the rewards at the end more than justify the means.

Lake Titicaca, siting at almost four thousand meters above sea level is another special and very spiritual place to visit. There are some fantastic trekking trails around the lake and many more Inca sites to uncover. Inca mythology holds this lake in great esteem and names it as the place from which the rest of the world was created and indeed the capital of Peruvian folklore, Puno, is noted as the main town on the lake. Visit the charming floating islands, originally built by the lake people who apparently lived in the area before the Incas. Completely pedestrianised, the islands make very pleasant places to wander around and spend an hour or two,

A visit to Peru would not be complete without taking some time to marvel at the incredible sight that is the ColcaCanyon. Believed to be as deep as The Grand Canyon, this place is simply awesome in scale. A fertile agricultural area, the canyon is home to many tiny villages, lines of terraces and a constant buzz of local activity. Look up and you may spot one of the truly majestic Andean Condors that still grace the skies above.

Cuzco is said to be the oldest inhabited city in the world and embraces its rich history while accepting the inevitable modernisation with equal energy. Local people honour the strong traditions and you can even pick up on the language of the ancient people still being spoken in local circles. That said, however, visitors are welcomed with open arms and Spanish and English are also spoken by most people in the city. This city simply buzzes and the fusion of tourists and locals alike make it an exciting and fun city to spend a day or two.

Look no further for your next adventure. A trek in Peru is all you need for exhilarating trekking combined with rich cultural experiences and plenty of hidden gems to uncover along the way.