Pakistan has all the right reasons to top the list of “world’s most beautiful countries” that are worthy to visit. The country is very scenic and ranges from barren deserts’ wilderness to coasts to sun-kissed beaches, from lush green forests to the snow-clad peaks. Other than natural scenery, Pakistan has several other things to entice all kinds of visitors including entrepreneurs, professionals and students. In short, visiting Pakistan can be any tourist’s delight. While travelling to Pakistan, you can follow general do’s and don’ts guidelines, which are as listed below.


  • Pakistan is well-known for its cultural mix and tourists visiting Pakistan are encouraged to widely travel through the country and observe common customs and practices. While traveling from east to west and north to south of Pakistan, you will realize that people do things differently and there is a great cultural shift from city to city. Knowing the culture in advance where you are going enhances the travelling experience so you must learn about the Pakistani culture.
  • Before travelling to Pakistan, get proper information about the region and details of your local embassy to get assistance, in case you need. Pakistani people are well recognized all over the world for their welcoming attitude, hospitality and cheerfulness, so it will take little time to familiarize with them. You need to familiarize with the local conditions and security situation as well. You must always carry valid passport having visa issued to you to travel through Pakistan and keep a fair amount of local currency with you.
  • Dress up smartly. Short skirts or extremely revealing clothes are not allowed in public. You must try local shalwar kameez as these clothes are quite comfortable during summers. Men can wear jeans with shirts while women’s outfits must be loose jeans, long skirts, baggy pants, tops and tunic style shirts.


  • Pakistan is an Islamic republic country which follows strict Muslim laws.  Remember, Muslim laws are entirely different from western nations. Therefore, you must avoid visiting Pakistan during the month of Ramadan as the country slows down during this month as observant Muslims fast during day and restaurants and eateries remainclosed. On contrary, Ramadan is the best month to visit Pakistan, if you want to learn the festivity of Ramadan and Eid ahead of it and more about Islam.
  • Do not visit in summer. If you are from relatively colder countries, you must avoid visiting Pakistan during summer. With average summer midday temperature ranging between 47-51ºC and humid, you will surely not feel like visiting any place outside your hotel room. During summers, most of the days can be uncomfortably warm for you. Winter and spring are the ideal weathers to visit Pakistan, with most of the sunny days.
  • Don’t hit the hot spots on weekends, if you can avoid it. Important places are swarmed by locals on Sundays afternoons so you may not be able to enjoy the place in true sense. Half of the local markets are also closed on weekends so you cannot enjoy shopping as well so relax at your home and hit the country on weekdays.

One last point is that before visiting to Pakistan, you must be sure about your accommodation where you will reside in during your stay. It is one of the most important things. You can search for various Pakistan real estate portals that offer listings for short-term stay apartments in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

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