Two decades ago a campaign of AT&T displayed their first banner online in form of an advertisement, since then the digital marketing era started and has certainly matured over the course of time. With the digital marketing growing and having a scope of expanding in the untouched spheres such as mobile, Real-Time Bidding Marketing has overtaken the new-age markets. Real-Time Bidding (RTB) is based on buying and selling of the advertising inventory in a much similar manner as the financial markets. The approach is synced with the programmatic media and the buying and selling of ad inventory becomes extremely easy along with the instantaneous bid time.

With the Real Time Bidding Marketing for both the publishers and the advertisers has been beneficial, hence making the model a success. With this marketing technique one can carry on ad-campaigns, ad-exchange, prioritize networks apart from managing the unsold inventory. With this new RTB Marketing tool in the industry the concept of digital marketing has touched new skies. Here are few reasons as how the RTB has changed the Online Ad world.

1. Unparalleled Scale:

With unprecedented impressions that come on daily basis it is benefiting both the publishers and the advertisers. The digital inventory being updated every second it gives an opportunity to both, the existing as well as the new advertisers to display their ads and benefit from the markets on impression basis rather than the CPMs. This also gives multiple users to choose their display slots as well as opt for relevancy at the same time. Since the concept works from impression to impression it also gives a lot of advertisers to publish their ads simultaneously because of which the customer response has also increased as compared to past decades.

2. Effortless Campaigns:

Since the time marketing has gone digital the data has always been handy to the market players. The time and efforts both have been reduced big time with Real Time Bidding Marketing coming into existence. The process of fetching the data, analysing and then building a campaign has now reduced to creating and launching a campaign as the impressions and analysis are readily available. This also reduces the manual negotiations between the publishers and advertisers and hence provides transparency as well.

3. Increment with Precision:

With the concept of impressions, the inventory always has a lot of offer. The publishers can generate the revenue with the relevant ads from the publisher and hence the effectiveness of advertisements has increased exponentially. Therefore rather than selling bulk ads it is possible to customise them for the consumers. The RTB technique also gives the advantage of customising the ads as per the users rather than displaying the generic ads. This also helps the user for a better experience with search engines or the publishing websites as the number of unwanted pop-ups has been reduced with relevant ads.

4. Low Inventory Losses:

The biggest issue is the unclaimed inventory. Though there have been a lot of models formed to reduce the dead-locks of the inventory, there are still loops that are remaining to be filled. With RTB the unclaimed inventory could be easily sold out at negotiable terms and hence the free flow of the inventory is kept intact. This also helps the market players to easily invest in the inventory because of the low dead-locks sufferings. This has definitely moved the real time bidding to the online marketing business as a huge success.

5. Budgeted Schemes:

The concept of RTB has proved to be an added advantage to the business as it is not focusing on the CPM but on the auctions. This in turn helps the new comers in the industry to showcase their ads by choosing the impressions that meet their needs and hence optimizes their budgets. With this, RTB also provides numerous slots for displaying the ads and therefore making the concept affordable for the people in the marketing industry.

With Real Time Bidding as the markets have seen a new high and a revolution in the way that have changed the direction of new-age marketing, the industry has seen an upcoming era. RTB has open up new gates for both the customers and the publishers reducing a lot of loop-holes of the previous surviving models. By bringing an evolution in the digital markets RTB has become the most comprehensive knight in digital marketing era for the market players.