When people move from one place to another for work or for leisure, it is termed as Travelling. There can be different modes of travel such as foot, rickshaw, bicycle, bus, train, automobiles or airplane. Travel can be a single movement or a series of movements to different with small or long stay at different places. We can travel with or without luggage. A tourist may be different from a true traveler. A Travel is difficult or easy depends on factors like destination etc.

The word TRAVEL may have its origination or roots from old French or Middle English word which means journey, labor, struggle, strive etc.



People may travel for recreation, relaxation or exploration. The reason may also be the interest to know about other cultures & to form relationships with them, to spend times with relatives during the holidays. Travelling is also done to obtain medical facilities & for research purposes. The mode of travel in some way also depends upon the distance to be travelled & there is always some cost of travelling involved. The amount of expenditure depends on the mode & the distance. Travel can be National (i.e.; within the country-local, regional) or international (to different countries). An international travel necessarily requires a passport & a visa. Sometimes an internal passport may or may not be required for National Travelling.

It is necessary to take the requisite precautions before travelling because it is not always safe to travel to different kinds of places of different terrain & surroundings.


Travel Plan is made easy through Travel Directories. There is no need for a travel agent or a guide or references from here & there. Benefits of it are:

  • Transport tickets are booked

  • Hotel booking is done

  • Holiday packages are offered

  • Everything available at discounted & reasonable rates

  • Provides minute details about the place of attraction

  • Aware us about the various specialties of the place in natural growth , manufacture of products etc. to make our travel all the more happening & pleasing

  • Itinerary is also prepared on request.

There is a TRAVEL DIRECTORIES LIST available online which provide a list of names of various sites that help us to execute our travelling plans like Travelmoz, Apotheca etc.We can easily search for a particular directory site online by submitting some minimum basic information.

These are in demand throughout the year but may be in unusually special demands during festivals etc.

TRAVEL BLOGS: Travel Bloggers collect information about everything related to Travel.

Need for Travel Blogs:

  • To advertise or to affiliate programs

  • For providing reviews about the product

  • Distribution of the latest news

  • Speaking about the available opportunities

  • For the recruitment of new bloggers

Just like list of travel directories , there is also a Top & Best TRAVEL BLOGS LIST. We can contact a Travel Blogger in short time by the following steps:

  1. The first step is to convey a message to the Blogger concerned
  2. Deciding the reason for contacting the blogger.
  3. Then, we submit & send the message. There is a buzz when it’s the right time to begin

There is a’ Konector Insight’ that contains information about the site statistics, personality traits & demographics of the visitors which the bloggers can use to match it with the requirements of the prospective travellers. There is a large number of followers of these bloggers on Twitter.