5 Reasons To Secure An Aircraft Charter For Your Next Vacation

Many people never consider traveling by aircraft charter instead of taking regular airline flights, largely because of the cost involved. Charter tickets usually cost more than a first class or regular fare ticket, but you may conclude that charter travel benefits outweigh the extra cost. The major benefits of a charter flight are listed below.

Hassle Free Flight Check-in

• Reduced security processing means no long lines. Private flights maintain high security screening approved by the TSA that does not require passengers to remove shoes or clothing, or endure embarrassing pat downs. This also means passengers do not have to arrive at an airport hours before their flights for security checks.
• There is no standing in lines to check in luggage and get a boarding pass. Also there is no luggage weight limit—within reason, of course.
• Since charter flights leave from private terminals, there is no need to move through a crowded terminal.


• Chartered flights provide privacy not possible on commercial first class. Any kind of business can be conducted securely.
• Groups can work together on projects and utilize their time to prepare for meetings or conferences, refine presentations for clients etc.
• In-flight time can be spent with clients for presentations or to create personal relationships.

5 Reasons To Secure An Aircraft Charter For Your Next Vacation


• Charter flights are scheduled when passengers want them.
• Flights are never late and there is no such thing as missed connecting flights.
• Multiple stops are possible. The charter can stop at a variety of airports so meetings and pickup and drop off of passengers can be scheduled throughout a flight. Passengers save time by not having to fly a route dictated by a commercial airline’s schedule.
• There are no layovers so there are no hours spent waiting for a connecting flight.
• No rushing between commercial airline terminals or changing planes. With a charter flight you stay on the same plane and only have to go to one terminal.
• Pets are also allowed on most charter flights.

Flexibility of Destinations

Charter flights use smaller airplanes than commercial airlines, so they fly into places that are hard to reach increasing destination possibilities.


Charter flights are comfortable. They are clean, have more room for passengers and provide excellent food, beverages and entertainment.

If you are looking to travel soon, then charter flights are the way to go. Also keep in mind that you can save money on charter airlines by taking a deadhead or empty leg flight (Source: Airco Aircraft Charters Ltd.). To avoid losing money by returning to their point of origin empty, charter airlines sell reduced price tickets. You may find a flight with fee of 75% less than regular charter costs. The possibility of reduced costs makes the idea of charter flying even more attractive.