Sea fishing can produce all sorts of complexities and nuances – and of course that’s half the fun. Deciding where you want to go fishing and how you want to do it can give an enormous amount of variety to the life of a sea fisherman.

But this choice also means that you need to make a choice on the equipment you need. Various locations, from beaches to piers to boats, all have their own special needs – not to mentioned the needs defined by the sort of fish that you are going after and the style in which you do it.


This means that you need the equipment that best matches your needs for any given spot, fish and location. This means anything from various rods, in size, strength, etc, to different types of fishing reels, to the sort of bait that you use.

Fishing Reels

One of the major aspects that any would be sea fisherman needs to consider is the various types of fishing reels that there are to choose from. There are two main “over arching” types of fishing reels that you can choose from, with various nuances in each style depending on the type of sea fishing that you are looking to do.

  • Multiplier fishing reels
  • Fixed Spool fishing Reels

Multiplier Fishing Reels

The multiplier casting fishing reel is so called because for every turn of the handle by the fisherman, the drum actually rotates multiple times.


  • Provides a more compact version than the fixed spoon fishing reels, and because of that is usually lighter to use.
  • Powerful at long distance casting (which can be essential when beach fishing).
  • Stronger – meaning it is better when going after larger fish.
  • Can do rough and clean ground fishing equally well.
  • Handles heavy lines very well.


  • Not very forgiving on overloaded or badly cast lines meaning it can be difficult for beginners who don’t know what they are doing.
  • Lighter lines cause both over runs and can achieve far less distance.
  • Because the fishing reels are more complicated, with their “multiplier” technology, they can be difficult to fix or maintain.

Fixed Spool Fishing Reels

So called because the spool is in a fixed position on the reel, the bale arm simply rotates around the spool – giving an even and flat reeling action.


  • Simple mechanisms and a fixed layout means that the reel can be easy to maintain and fix.
  • It is far better at handling light lines (including distance of cast) than the multiplier reels.
  • A fantastic choice for clean ground sea fishing.
  • It can be used for both float and spinning work, something that the multiplier reel struggles with.


Struggles with heavy lines.

  • It can also struggle when on uneven sea floors.
  • Far from ideal when it comes to boat fishing.

Of course, as with anything, it comes down to personal choice, what you are hoping to achieve and the style of fishing you prefer. Just make sure you consider the advantages and disadvantages of each type of fishing reel as compared to the sort of sea fishing that you will be doing.

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