If you’re on the lookout to explore Australia’s outback, head out to The Flinders Ranges National Park. As far as outback goes, this region is one of Australia’s most spectacular outback terrains, with fabulous scenery, spectacular lookouts and amazing camping and campervanning experiences.

About The Flinders Ranges


One of the oldest landscapes in the world, the Flinders Ranges offers a rich environment that is tranquil, and spiritually uplifting. The most notable feature here is the Wilpena Pound, a giant natural amphitheater. If you have a 4WD campervan, the Flinders Ranges is the ideal place for you to enjoy long outback drives and camping.

Campervanning At Flinders Ranges

There’s not much public transport in the Flinders Rangers. However, if you have a full-fledged 4WD campervan, you don’t need to rent a car. Plus, you don’t have to depend on campground amenities, since your campervan provides for your sanitary needs. That makes it possible to camp anywhere, even in the outback.

If you choose to camp at a designated campground, you have many options. The main designated campgrounds are at Aroona, Brachina East, Acraman, Cambrian, Koolamon Teamsters,Wilpena Pound, Dingley Dell and Tresona. There’s also the Heysen Trail campground, which is much preferred by bushwalkers. The Rawnsley Park Caravan Park is a special campground for campervans. It’s a beautiful bushland setting, with powered sites, a shop, camp kitchen, swimming pool and a modern amenities block.

What To Do When You Get There

  • Enjoy Exploring The Landscape: The Flinders Ranges changes color dramatically through the day, from a grey blue dawn to deep reds at dusk. All the surrounding scenery seems bathed in the changing color scapes.  This region is comprised of narrow tree-lined gorges, steep ridges and peaks, red soil the color of rust and dry creeks. When the Lake Eyre floods, the vast saltpan turns into a flourishing inland sea, where myriad birds roost.

  • Enjoy the Classic Australian wildlife:  The Flinders Ranges is a wildlife lover’s paradise, with brilliantly-hued parrots, kangaroos, yellow-footed rock wallabies, emus and others. Watch the skies on a sunny morning to catch the wedge-tailed eagle reigning supreme on the thermal currents.

  • Drive Through The Outback: The outback is vast, diverse, spectacular and lonesome. You’ll find people spread out so far and wide; people live hundreds of kilometers from their nearest neighbor.

  • Visit Coober Pedy: Go opal mining Coober Pedy along with the locals. Ask to visit one of the underground houses where the miners live. Fossicking for opals on a virtual moonscape is something you can tell your grandkids someday.

  • Visit the Race Tracks: Visit the legendary horse racing tracks which are now park of the local folklore. There’s the Birdsville Track and the Strzelecki Track, which is twice as long as the Great Wall of China. The dog fence along this track protects sheep from the dingo, Australia’s native dog.

  • Explore the Aboriginal Culture: Explore the local Aboriginal legends that go back thousands of years. There are tales of ancient Dreamtime giants and serpents shaping the Flinders lands. Don’t miss going on a cultural tour with an Aboriginal guide. You can also drive through the Aboriginal Dreaming Trail and discover more delightful history on your own.

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