Split in Croatia is the typical Mediterranean town, always vibrant and charming with plenty of fun. It is the largest Dalmatian town and offers its visitors lots of fun activities to do and places to visit. The easiest way of getting to this great town in Croatia is by taking a flight. The plane will land at Split airport after which you will take a 15 minute Split taxi ride down to the city center. Upon arriving in the city center, you will be spoilt for choice as the town offers a lot of exciting things. The following are some very important ways of exploring this great town.

Discover the Neighborhoods of Split

Out of the beautiful and colorful streets of Split, there are a handful of neighborhoods worth discovering. The oldest neighborhoods that surround the town are Manus, Lucas, Dobri and Varos. These neighborhoods were developed around the 16th century and were mainly inhabited by fishermen and peasants. The neighborhoods are charming and are characterized by narrow, winding streets with small stone houses and taverns inside courts. Bacvice is the towns neighborhood beach where picigin is played. This is a game where players compete to score a handball in water. Another neighborhood is Spinut. Spinut is where Poljud stadium is located. This is the home stadium for Croatia’s oldest soccer club.

Visit the Islands Near Split

Exploring Split will not be complete before you visit the islands that surround the town. From the town, you could take a ferry ride or hire a boat from a charter Croatia to get to the islands of Vis, Solta, Hvar or Brac. Upon arriving in the islands, exploring them using a scooter is often advised. Alternatively, you could settle on one of the beaches and relax the whole day. There are also passenger boats that leave for the islands during different times of the day. The islands of Croatia are diverse in nature and they always have something to offer to every visitor regardless of whether he is a party animal, young family or lotus-eater. The Hvar town island is full of charm and laid back. It is a better choice if you want the calm family oriented nature of the Mediterranean. Here you will mostly find sleepy fishing villages. During your visit to the islands, ensure that you visit the Priozd islands. This is one of the best places to sunbathe in Croatia courtesy of its sloping sandy beaches. The island offers scenic features that photography enthusiasts might find appealing as well. Most of these islands look so beautiful in the evening as the rocks change color from white to gold during sunset.

Discover Split - The Coastal Gem Of The Mediterranean

Explore the Old Town Split

After visiting locations outside the town, exploring the old town itself would be next. The town dates back to the 4th century and this makes it one big historical site. Explore the narrow cobbled streets, hidden alleyways and enjoy the beautiful Split architecture. Visit Peristyle pavilion, especially at night. The sight will take you back to the Roman times. The Cathedral offers fantastic views of the town. Visit town gatesare four and try to go through all of them. Just outside the Golden Gate, you will see the Grgur Ninski statue. The statue was made by a renowned Croatian sculptor called Msetrovic.

Visiting Split is a fun thing to do because you will never get bored, not even once. The friendly weather, nice food, friendly people and excellent geographical features make Split an excellent tourist destination worth exploring.